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Found 7 results

  1. Tha game just updated this morning, and since then, it just couldnt log on to path of exile servers after some time the bot freezes and stops anwsering, resulting in my computer shutting down and restarting the program
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge or information about the upcoming update ? is it in the works ? will there be an update ? or is it done for now that Dx11 is only option ? does anyone know Alk, where they can ask the question for us and let us know some type of ETA ?
  3. Hi folks, I usually don't post and ask if bots running as I know the team puts great efforts in keeping the bot up to date. But today I need to ask... does the bot work again? Why I ask? Because I recognized, that sometimes, the bot runs again without me downloading any new version. This confuses me a lil bit. When do i need to update and when not? And... is there a forum Thread where I can see when bot is running again? Greets
  4. niblymibly

    Update 3.0.1b

    Update 3.0.1b will be released at 10:00 PM EST on 8/24/17 about an hour after i post this
  5. Daskoobas334

    How to update bot

    Hi, Just wondering, what is the proper procedure to update the bot? Just copy and replace all files? Does this mean that all config files will be lost after each update? I tried searching for this info in the search, but was not able to find anything. Any answers will be helpful for future references.
  6. i have a suggestion for the Developer In My Honest Opinion Judging from past experience everytime theres a new feature introduced to the bot, theres new problem arising so what im suggesting to the Dev is this : Please dont mix Offset Update and Improvement and to make my statement clearer i have some table to show what i mean with our Current status, we only have 2 Ver option 0.17a and 0.17b and both have major problem as seen from various post on the bug section Now the IF part IF the 0.17a was ONLY Offset Update we would still have a generally good working bot as seen from the previous version 0.16g the point is, the ability to have a Choice, in the IF scenario we can Choose either : 0.17a, working, minor problem, but no map support, no multi stash, etc **hmm i can live without that improvement, id rather have less bug and not have to worry too much for my bot ** 0.17b, working, lots of problem, but u have map support, multi stash, etc **bug ? pfft i can handle those i need that frikkin Map Support finally !** i hope this makes sense, what do u guys think ? should i put some voting up ? ps: i think with this the developer can somehow have less burden, because whatever new improvement they make and no matter how manye new bug introduced to the new version they can always tell the user **well if u cant handle the bug of a Beta-testing Feature, u can always use the older version**
  7. Read First: If you like this idea please pos rep this post to see how many like the idea. Hey there, so after seeing the "status" tab working great it made me get an idea. After botting runescape for many years I noticed a lot of scripters made mobile logs. How this worked was you made an account on a php portal. On the script on the bot you would input your mobile acc information and a nickname for that bot. The nickname was incase you ran multiple bots you could distinguish between them. The webpage was designed for mobile devices so you could make a shortcut link on your mobile device so you didn't need to code both a droid, apple, and php app. I think it would be cool if you could do the same under the manage tab and have nick names for the bots. Basically it would have a home screen with buttons for each nickname. Once you clicked it was like Running: No Runtime: 1d 3h 47m Stash tab full: No Loot: 1427 items Chaos: 28 Exalt: 2 Fusing: 98 Alterations: 120 Helms(unique): 1 Helms(rare): 12 Chest(unique): 2 Chest(rare): 1 Etc Like when I'm on the road with work or even just at school or running to Walmart it would be cool to check my bots loots. Counter resets when you close exile bot just like the status page will reset. I don't know how difficult it would be to set a send code to the client but a start and stop button or even a regulated break system would be cool Like run time:8hours Break time: 2 hours So it'll run for 8 hours then break for 2 hours run another 8 then break etc. I typed this all on my phone so sorry for any typos/shitty English. Edit: edited title to comply with rules, and added tags.
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