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  1. Daskoobas334

    Turbo Orb Shop

    To all buyers: Better to go to player auctions where u have trustworthy sellers with insurance on your side incase you dont get what you deliver. Otherwise only trust people here who have been on this site a long time.
  2. Daskoobas334

    Teleport / Wisdom stashing

    The bot treats the scrolls as items, not currency and will store them in the first priority stash tab you have defined for items. I've had no issues with it thus far.
  3. Daskoobas334

    Anti chicken to prevent ban mecanic...

    I had over 800 chickens one day due to wisdom scroll issue. I watched it actually chicken for awhile. At the rate it was chickening i believe the counter was pretty accurate.
  4. Daskoobas334

    Why does this happen sometimes?

    Ouch. Do you know what it was doing at the time? how long was it doing this for? Also some more info about the ban would be nice. How old account, running what maps and tiers, how many hours/day, any microtransactions, other bots, main banned, method of trading with main, how long been running maps for, PoE platform?
  5. Daskoobas334

    4 Bugs

    Make a golem CWDT, that way bot doesn't have to keep recasting and doesn't waste time on it.
  6. Daskoobas334

    Bot not work ((

    Make sure you're in 800x600, and have directx and runtime installed. Also character position set correctly.
  7. Hi, returned from work today to see the "Key not activated" bug for all three bots, each log states that it happens at roughly the same time. It all happened around 8:10am GMT+10 today. Was there a bot licensing server that went down? Its quite annoying to come back and see the bots did only 30mins of work. B1: B2: B3: All three continued to do "Clicking on login button.." for the next 5 hours until the timer changed the profile to pause.
  8. Daskoobas334

    Crash when wrong area detected

    Sorry for the lack of details. Im using 0.59d, this was with the latest PoE version before the update today. Using VMware 7. 2 cores, 1500mb ram, 10gb per VM. Bots are running maps from hideout. I'm unsure of exactly what map they were running when it crashed. Corrupted areas are enabled. Progression mode off. Config files were configured from default. Copied mapsrunner settings from older versions only. What other questions would u like answered?
  9. Daskoobas334

    Crash when wrong area detected

    The bot program crashes every few hours. Just now had two bots crash at once. Each lastrun log said something very similar about a wrong area being detected.
  10. Daskoobas334

    Bug : EB selecting wrong character, killing Hardcore Character

    Can't say I've ever had the issue of it picking the wrong chars at char login... That is quite odd.
  11. Latency spikes erratically the more action is going on the screen. I think perhaps the problem is performance related. I seem to notice a trend in the VMs where FPS issues are represented as latency issues. Putting the graphics on ultralow in config seems not to help though. I'm gonna try less a graphical intensive skill than groundslam and see where that leads me. VPN is same provider (but diff IPs) for all VM's, so shouldn't be a factor.
  12. Bot 0.59d Normal PoE - v.2.2x something. Accidentally moved all the wisdom scrolls out of any stash tabs registered in the bot and out of the player inv. Found that the bot doesn't like it when the inv is full of unid objects and there are no scrolls and spams the lastrun log stating that no id scrolls available. It then proceeds to loop opening and entering new instances of the area set in the maps option, and then logging off. Within a few minutes it had created 8 new instances... This is potentially quite detectable and should be easy to reproduce and fix.
  13. Daskoobas334

    Less unecessary movements

    Not sure what you mean by back and forth walking. What kind of distances and times? how far does it travel each time? I find mine are pretty efficient and don't really go over the same area twice...
  14. Hey guys, Got an odd issue today. Noticed one of my VM's (the original i mad that i cloned every other one from), seems to have a latency problem inbetween attacking mobs. It would keep attacking the same spot after a bot has died for about a second. It also sells items slower than my other bots and switches tabs slower. I've tried tweaking all sorts of settings in the bot and in the VM. Its set up identically to my other VM's. The skill it uses is Groundslam, so maybe that has something to do with causing graphics lag? Also I have graphics settings set to the minimum that the client allows set through menu. Anyone got any ideas on what to look at or what it could be? Thanks!
  15. Daskoobas334

    Here's a list of issues (I want my money back)

    Bot has been working splendidly the past few weeks on maps, so go do those. The only times it has gotten stuck, I've investigated what happened and all the log files and found it was my fault EACH time. So it definitely doesn't have trouble as large as you describe in places other than act 4
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