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  1. I_ShaunY_I

    bot is broken

    there has just been a massive update - need to wait for the bot to be updated
  2. I_ShaunY_I

    0.78 not hiding bot process

    happening for me too its like its auto hiding it or something ? or something is wrong
  3. Does anyone have any knowledge or information about the upcoming update ? is it in the works ? will there be an update ? or is it done for now that Dx11 is only option ? does anyone know Alk, where they can ask the question for us and let us know some type of ETA ?
  4. I_ShaunY_I

    not casting spell

    which version of the bot are you using ? can you please share the link to the new working bot ?
  5. I_ShaunY_I

    Help me

    bot is working ? which version ? i only see outdated version available for download...
  6. I_ShaunY_I

    Bypassing ban?

    can i and should i use a different mac address for each vm ? is that even possible ? i want to run at least 5 vms
  7. I_ShaunY_I

    Stashing/Waypoint clicking error/bug

    myself and many others are running into a bug with the stashing and the waypoint clicking. the bot is clicking the stash tab, it cycles through to determine how many pages there are, then stashing anything in inventory that is needed to be stashed. once complete: It then closes the stash. upon trying to run towards the way point it accidentally clicks the stash again, which then thinking it is at the waypoint already, its trying to click its destination farm zone... i have been told, that every so often it will fix itself up by re-logging. so there is a lot of down time while waiting for it to fix itself up after extended periods of time. Feel free to add any of your thoughts here guys, and share advice to uncover some potential fixes. ive tried increasing the limited frame rate, it helps but its not a solid fix though
  8. I_ShaunY_I

    Back and Forth Issue Poll

    i hope this info helps, ive noticed when the back n forth bug starts to happen, if u just pause the bot and then click start bot, it will automatically fix itself.
  9. I_ShaunY_I

    How to set up Auto-POE

    is there a memory leak on this, my ram usage is slowly going up.
  10. I_ShaunY_I

    Operation time out fix

    hey thank you for your reply, i tried an auto poe, but it made more problems than it fixed, maybe i set it up wrong ? if u have any knowledge of how to set it up correctly, please feel free to share it here, i would be most appreciative.
  11. just a thought, if ones internet semi crashed and it logs the bots out, then tries to re-log, and eventually gets an error namely "operation Time Out" the bot fails to recognize it, therefor doesnt re-log the bots, and not earning any $$$. just a thought of mine, and some insight from others is welcomed.
  12. I_ShaunY_I

    Bot will not click on waypoints to start run

    this is also happening to me, instead of clicking a waypoint it'll click the left hand side of the screen on the 'windows width resizer' any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. hopefully this upload worked. these are the errors im getting on the vm, whilst trying to start up PoE. anyone help with this plz =]
  14. I_ShaunY_I

    Botting guidelines

    when it said botting guidelines, i was cheering, i was looking for a setup guide, or something of the sort. i need to set the correct settings for the bot to work for my ranged character. any help, or direction is much appreciated.
  15. ive had a little muck around with all the settings, but in the end i had to delete and re-install. i was wondering if anyone here can help me set up the bot for a ranged character. any help is highly appreciated. =]
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