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Found 10 results

  1. Tha game just updated this morning, and since then, it just couldnt log on to path of exile servers after some time the bot freezes and stops anwsering, resulting in my computer shutting down and restarting the program
  2. Mothgar

    Bot ban question

    If I play on my computer, and have a botting account running at the same time, in case I get banned. Will both accounts get banned? Or do I have to try N fix some weird shit with different IPN or internet ping/adress is called?
  3. emelya24092


    парни, а в боте можно сделать, чтобы бот продавал торговцу хаос рецепты?
  4. Selling Harbinger League exalted orbs. Payment method: Paypal GIFT Payment always first. Please contact me on skype or Discord for details. Discord: SupZerg#4519 My skype: live:conrad.brown2007 nick name Supzerg
  5. Hello everyone, I've started selling POE Currency again for the Harbringer league. I've been selling POE goods, for a few years and have also sold things in games such as Diablo2 and WoW. I used to be part of the support staff here, however I've given that up due to time restrictions. I have many return customers and all satisfied from all POE challenge leagues. I am a private seller, not a website or affiliated with any company in any way. First of all unlike most people selling currency, THIS CURRENCY IS NOT RESOLD AND IT IS NOT BOTTED! ALL currency I make is obtained via flipping only - which is why I don't sell from the start of the league, I value my customer's safety first. I can't stress this enough, GGG has been banning resellers/botters and people trading with them left and right for at least 6 months now harder than ever before. If you wish to know how the currency is obtained before you buy it, feel free to ask. My prices will be around the chepeast public currency stores out there, however I don't trade a lot of currency every day from one account like gold seller websites and also I NEVER RESELL. So this is the safest currency you can buy and DELIVERY IS BASICALLY INSTANT. However I don't try to compete in price with the chinese resellers/hackers who are looking to dump their currency instantly. This is safe clean currency, and I put quite a lot of work in obtaining it, and a small premium is in my opinion the way to go, if you value the safety of your account and the MTX you have on it. I take Paypal and Skrill as payment and I have high rep on other big trading websites for years, that I can show you. If you want to use paypal directly, you NEED TO BE VERIFIED, and have good reputation/join date on well established trading sites otherwise your paypal payment will be made through a third party and will cost 10% more than the skrill price. I will not go first, unless you are a GM trader for many years with impeccable reputation that far exceeds mine. My customers are 100% satisfied, I have never had any issues with anyone, except the occasional scamming attempt that won't work , so don't bother, I've been doing this for a long time. My skype is roneo1234, I'm on EU timezone. For those who become return customers and trade with me frequently, I will give you free extra orbs for return deals and bulk discounts.
  6. Insane amount of farm founded 1 year ago and made a milions of exalts )). (fixed 1 week ago :QQ) I use this for black screen to avoid low fps spikes and lag caused by the many items you get, otherwise your PC will crash from the loot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lPRXgsR4jc
  7. Syver's Garena Path Of Exile Shop -Accepting Most Transaction Within Malaysia And International Payments Like Paypal Currency: -Exalted Orbs (230+) SGD $1 -Chaos Orb (520+) 60/ $1 -Mirror Of Kalandra (4) $100 -Eternal Orb (15 ) $ 5 Items: -Shavarone's Revelation (Non-Legacy 150$) (Max roll Legacy 250$) -Shavraone's Wrapping 6l 40$ -Atziri's Acuity 60$ +1gem 500$ -Legacy Mjolner 50$ -+1 Curse Volls Devotion 300$ Builds: -Top 1 Spectral Throw Build With 4 Original Mirror Item 1500$ -2.5m Dps Tornado Shot 1000$ How To Contact Me?: Contact Me In Skype Ar3c Csgo Pm me in this forum Reply to this forum Thanks for reading this thread Have Fun In Path Of Exile
  8. lyolyo

    PoE.trade Indexer - LEAK

    Uploading this to hopefully bring balance to some of the currency trade. This is a bot that searches through poe.trade and looks for items that are being sold extremely low, it them messages you in this format: So you will be notified immediately when people are selling things for under the meta price. You buy it and flip it for the normal price. This is an image of some of the logs kept by the creators of this bot: it shows the profits made and some other info This images shows the bot in action in IRC: The source of this project is found @ https://github.com/hbm50006/tradewatch-master The reddit post is found @ https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/3jw6k8/poetrade_bot_indexer_github_source_included/ The guild that created this bot is @ https://www.pathofexile.com/guild/profile/269068
  9. Hello, I want to sell 50$ code for each of the following games: Path of Exile (500 Points worth $50) = $35 Heroes of Newerth (5000 gold coins worth $50) = $20 Both games = $50 Only accept Paypal Proof that I have the codes: If you're interested, please contact me through: skype: faithpham yahoo: x.simplehug email: [email protected] Facebook: facebook.com/kino.mushie All prices are subject to change These codes are for Garena servers only
  10. Hi everyone, This is a quick guide to explain how to donate to support the project and receive Exiled-bot Licenses from the store : You just have to click on "Exiled-bot Store" at the top of your screen. If you are an Elite+ user : You can go to the Elite+ & Elite Users category to receive your 3 licenses for free. If you are an Elite user : You can go to the Elite+ & Elite Users category to receive your license for free. If you are Elite+, Elite or normal user : You can go to the EB Lifetime category and support the project for as many licenses as you want. (You will become a Backer and be promoted to the Lifetime User group and you'll have access to the private forums if you're not already Elite+ or Elite user). Once you have your Exiled-bot Licenses, you will have all the informations you need to view and use your licenses here.
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