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  1. cynicz

    {[ Client ]} 1 report window

    Yeah most definately this was just an idea. a stable bot + not having to pay 500$ is better than paying 500$. sure 500$ is easy to make botting, BUT 500$ to me would be used for a new rig running 6-7 more bots or bills or tires for my fourwheeler/R6.
  2. I think this would be a nice feature to add to the bot. This mostly is helpful to us mass botters which is the crowd that spends the most money typically. Basically when you load up the bot, it asks for your forum username and password and allows you to nickname that bot process. Have a server side of the application that you can leave on your main pc (outside of VMware) as well logging in and it'll show how many bots are running, and the loot information with nickname of which bot found what so everything is all together. This allows you to use 1 window pain to check if you need to reset any bots. As well as a total currency count to keep yourself uodated
  3. cynicz

    Wisdom \ Portal Scrolls - Pickup but dont stash

    i do that its easy, disable the pickup in smart pickup, then just set the winsdom/portal in inventory to 40 on i believe pickit screen of bot. itll only keep 40 in invo then stop looting/never stashes.
  4. how would it work? if used as aura it looks for reserved light/mana to know aura is cast (i assume) if it uses it as a skill, everytime it attacks itll enable/disable RF
  5. cynicz

    Vote the most annoying Bug u want to be fixed first

    I feel the most annoying bug atm is somewhat 2. one is a easy easy fix. other not so sure about. Ok this happened in 15E then continued in 15F first off when i botted with 14 it would run flawless 24/7 botting maybe 1 crash per vm every 24hours. now i run bots and in 24 hours I have over 12 dialog boxes up saying exiled bot has crashed press to restart (autopoe doesnt exit these and just reopens) which means EB is crashing 12-15times a day not counting poe crashes. the second and main one. approx every other run my bots get stuck in stash AFTER it flips through all tabs. its like the bot clicks in the middle of screen and if it just ever so slightly lags it expects stash to be closed, but it isnt so it clicks again and reopens stash. then when its reopened it thinks its in waypoint menu and clicks the stash as if its selecting waypoint. I think this would be an easy space, like after it closes stash wait 2 seconds and press space bar again to make sure all menus are closed. then walk to waypoint. this is annoying because out of the last 15 times ive pulled up vm to monitor bots, 6 of the 7 on each PC is stuck in stash bug. only 1 will be actually in the zone its farming.
  6. cynicz

    Auto PoE

    im getting tons of errors as well, run 7 clients for 4 hours and by 4 hours every autopoe has errored out.
  7. cynicz

    planning to buy new pc

    ok if you have a microcenter near you. i picked up this pc for 650 out the door But i also added a wireless card, optic drive, and mouse + keyboard for 650 where as buying online its like 680 without that stuff not factoring shipping. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2TniY i just quickly threw that together you can get a 1tb 7200rpm HDD for about 15$ cheaper than the one I put on there. standard clock 8320 and i run 7 flawless, can run 8-9 but starts to get slightly laggy depending on builds im running. This is the PC you teamviewed running 7 bots no sense in paying 1grand for something a 650$ pc will do
  8. It would be cool to add a "note feature" in our license page so we can kind of nickname our license. for instant i have 14 and sometimes its a hassle remembering which license i have assigned to which charact/vm instance. something like this, on jsp when you track a thread theres a whole collum for you to add a note. I had pmd a admin to ask if my license could be renamed like +1, +2, +3 etc but he said if he did it would rename it for everyone, this is a simple fix.
  9. cynicz

    Bot already paid for itself!

    sell to aezis!
  10. cynicz

    Bot already paid for itself!

    i run 14 now, started with 3 slowly upgrading from bot finds even bought a second computer off money ive made just to run my next 7. Congrats mate! i just invest everything i profit back into exiled bot and more rigs haha
  11. cynicz

    People that run 4+ bots please look here

    running 7 fine on a Gigabyte Radeon R7 260x 2gb also can run 7 stable on a radeon 7770 1gb
  12. I need a pretty simple buying from vendor script. if anyone is interested please add my skype jhall.2011
  13. cynicz

    new botting rig

    dont hijack but you dont need 32gb ram. and amd are better for botting because amd has true 8 cores for multitasking. a 90$ amd fx 8320 benchmarks at 8118, where my like 300$ intel 2600k benchmarks at 8400... spend 50$ more (140$) on the amd 8350 and it benchmarks at 9k...
  14. cynicz

    new botting rig

    ok should I go open air and save myself the 50$ on the case? also be better airflow with a fan pointed directly on everything. Cheif you got skype mate?
  15. cynicz

    new botting rig

    you are SO very wrong. I run 7 (Could run 8 but only have 7 license) on my 2600k rig. Absolutely 100% flawless. i travel on the road around the us for 1 week at a time and i run 24/7 those whole weeks unless their is an update. Thanks for input guys. whats everyones input on running with no case and just straight open air, and pointing a personal little fan directly on the rig to keep it cool? whats a good watercooler also? my 2600k uses a junking coolermaster watercooler i paid 30$ for at microcenter.
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