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Found 6 results

  1. This suggestion is going to be greatly appreciated by anyone who uses the premium currency tab(Pictured below), THE PROBLEM Using this tab with the bot currently has the following problems: Maximum capacity for each currency type Not enough "wild-card"(the bottom) slots for every type of item labeled as currency In either case listed above if the bot is unable to stash a currency item it will spam attempt to stash indefinitely. THE SUGGESTIONS 1) If an item fails to stash let's say after 5 retries, the bot should shift to the next user defined currency tab if one exists. 2) Allow users to reclassify items such as breach shards, breachstones, and essences as non-currency so they bot does not attempt to put them in the currency stash at all 3) Create Stash Location identifiers and item identifiers for the following: Essences(this will let players use the essence stash tab if they want to), or just keep their essence organized and in one place that is not the currency tab, Divination Cards(will allow players to use divination tab if they have it) or just organize their cards in one place if they don't
  2. aChallened1

    Random Map Selection

    I would like to see Randomization of map based on the selected Act This would be more in line with higher end characters. It could possibly do a bit in the way of reducing bans based on actions, such as doing the same map over and over.
  3. I have been using the bot, and unlike many, I actually sit and watch it do its thing. One thing I wish it would do would be to have it drop a totem when necros or the more difficult mobs come up on me. I believe that this would be best accomplished by adding a checkbox for "Totem" just like there is one for buff and aura, with an accompanying checkbox like the already existing "yes/no" to drop it when a rare or unique monster spawns. Might want to have a box for the duration of the totem in seconds. Or a drop down of known durations. So far, I think I've only found ones that last 8 seconds tops.
  4. Please allow us to edit pickit to designate the stash tab of any given item, or class of items being picked up. Example: [Category] == "Currency" # [stashTab] == "1" [Category] == "Map" # [stashTab] == "2" [Category] == "Jewel" # [stashTab] == "3" [Category] == "Essence" # [stashTab] == "4" [Category] == "Card" # [stashTab] == "5" This should work with all current filters too, so we could set any individual rare, unique, card, jewel, etc. to be stored in a specific stash tab. Example: (I'm sure the syntax is wrong, I don't have the IPD file in front of me at the moment to use as an example). [Category] == "Exalted Shard" # [stashTab] == "2" The user perks are obvious, this helps immensely with organizing and selling items. It also helps to make the bot appear more human like. This will also save development time in the future. As the game evolves we're getting more and more items that hamper the way we bot (see all the currency added in this league). If we change the platform now so that players have absolute control over the stash tab destination of any given item, then we eliminate the need to develop around these items in the future. I'll add use case scenarios as they come up. Scenario: Stash tab 3 is designated for jewels. Stash tab 3 is full. Bot picks up a jewel. Bot cannot insert jewel into stash tab 3. Bot inserts jewel into first available tab (similar to how maps are handled currently). Sometimes an item might meet the requirements for multiple sorting rules. I'll give an example and talk about possible solutions. [Category] == "Currency" # [stashTab] == "1" [Category] == "Exalted Shard" # [stashTab] == "2" There are two obvious solutions here. A. Exalted shard is a currency, therefore it goes in stash tab 1. B. Exalted shard specific instructions override the more generic "Currency" designator, therefore it goes in stash tab 2. Option B is preferred, but either solution is fine, as long as it's consistent.
  5. Hi guys! Some of you might have already bumped into my topic about the updated pickit. Now Alkpone is getting close to the thing I've asked from him, so the rework of the rare part will take place soon. For this I need your help, because I think there are better players/flippers among you than me. What I'd like to ask is to list valuable (1+ exalted) rares that either can be sold as it or crafted with masters to be great. I will write the corresponding lines to the items in the pickit, so you don't have worry about that, just post your suggestion(s) with the following form: Obviously I do know that 3x T1 res + High defstat chest is good. But there could be build-specific items that I've never encountered (like +mnion high ES rarity helm) Item type: (chest/helm/dagger...) Does it need specific base item / high level base item (high base dmg/ias/crit weapon..)? What stats should the item have? Is there a combination of 2 or more stats that must be included? Thanks
  6. i have a suggestion for the Developer In My Honest Opinion Judging from past experience everytime theres a new feature introduced to the bot, theres new problem arising so what im suggesting to the Dev is this : Please dont mix Offset Update and Improvement and to make my statement clearer i have some table to show what i mean with our Current status, we only have 2 Ver option 0.17a and 0.17b and both have major problem as seen from various post on the bug section Now the IF part IF the 0.17a was ONLY Offset Update we would still have a generally good working bot as seen from the previous version 0.16g the point is, the ability to have a Choice, in the IF scenario we can Choose either : 0.17a, working, minor problem, but no map support, no multi stash, etc **hmm i can live without that improvement, id rather have less bug and not have to worry too much for my bot ** 0.17b, working, lots of problem, but u have map support, multi stash, etc **bug ? pfft i can handle those i need that frikkin Map Support finally !** i hope this makes sense, what do u guys think ? should i put some voting up ? ps: i think with this the developer can somehow have less burden, because whatever new improvement they make and no matter how manye new bug introduced to the new version they can always tell the user **well if u cant handle the bug of a Beta-testing Feature, u can always use the older version**
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