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Found 8 results

  1. This suggestion is going to be greatly appreciated by anyone who uses the premium currency tab(Pictured below), THE PROBLEM Using this tab with the bot currently has the following problems: Maximum capacity for each currency type Not enough "wild-card"(the bottom) slots for every type of item labeled as currency In either case listed above if the bot is unable to stash a currency item it will spam attempt to stash indefinitely. THE SUGGESTIONS 1) If an item fails to stash let's say after 5 retries, the bot should shift to the next user defined currency tab if one exists. 2) Allow users to reclassify items such as breach shards, breachstones, and essences as non-currency so they bot does not attempt to put them in the currency stash at all 3) Create Stash Location identifiers and item identifiers for the following: Essences(this will let players use the essence stash tab if they want to), or just keep their essence organized and in one place that is not the currency tab, Divination Cards(will allow players to use divination tab if they have it) or just organize their cards in one place if they don't
  2. artocodes

    eBOTchecker v.0.2a [test release]

    Hello, everyone. I wrote a script that monitors the work of exiled-bot and POE client. Because I'm tired of using *.bat-file. If you have more than 2-3 bots, timely control becomes a big problem. Surely everyone is aware of the situation, when you checking bots in the morning, and half of them don't work (authorization error, no wisdom, no maps, client bug, bot crash, etc.). The advantages of using the eBOTchecker: - Monitors the current bot operation. If the bot is buggy, but not out of the game – you will know about it! Or automatically will be fix this problem. - Can automatically restart the client when needed. - Responds to drop valuable orbs (chaos, vaal, regal, divine, annulment, exated). - Can send notifications to e-mail and SMS. - Consumes the minimum amount of computer resources. - Very easy to setup. Current weaknesses: - It is required to install the interpreter (ActivePerl) from the official site. - There may be difficulties with connecting SMS gateway (for different countries). In the near future (hopefully in the next version): - Create a warehouse account management. - Transfer orbs from account to account. With the farm account to the warehouse. - Create a personal statistics office. DOWNLOAD & SETUP eBOTchecker-v.0.2a.rar (password - "checkthis") ActivePerl- (Download ActivePerl 5.16.x) Installation guide: 1. Install ActivePerl by default. 2. Unrar eBOTchecker archive (use password - "checkthis") in exiled-bot folder! (pic) 3. Configurated main block "config.ini", in eBOTchecker folder. 4. Setup exiled-bot WORKING start botting Rebooting Emails Normal Bot works License key Currently eBOTchecker only available via license key. This is done in order to limit the spread. The price of the key in the test period is - 1 USD. Contacts to buy keys: Skype: artocodes Telegram: artocodes E-mail: [email protected]
  3. Sup guys, I was asked several times about my build and i will share some basics with you - But this is not any "stop think, just ask thread" so please think before asking questions Base This is a super aggressive and effective build - Most monsters, even rares are oneshot, Bosses at walls: oneshot. However, it will die, sometimes even 20-30 times in 16 hours. But watch this monster clearing areas and you won't say anything against it. Class: Shadow Level: 85 Area: Maps 68-73 (Aqueduct if Maps are empty) DPS: 44.000 Tooltip (In a well placed corner, it would be around 900.000 theoretically max DPS - Walls are your best friends) Life: 3500 IIR/IIQ: 80/15 Critchance: 85-90% with Charges Loot: 2-10ex in Items and Currency, 16 hours on warband (Got some bugs, new results come in some days) Gear Everthing in priority, first is more important. And it's experimential, not final yet. Must have: Piscators Vigil (Good Roll), Tabula Rasa. Nice to have: Rats nest, Maligaros Virtuositiy (You can use Sadimas Touch, too). Rings: Flat Ele Damage, Resi, Life, Weapon Elemental Damage Belt: Lots of Resi, Life Boots: Movementspeed, Lots of Resi, Life Amulett: Flat Ele Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage, Critchance, Critmulti Shield: +2 Levels of Lightning gems for Wraith + Herold of Thunder, Life, Res Skills It's not final. But it works very well. Single & Multi Attack: Kinetic Blast + Increased Rarity + Lifeleech + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Power Charge on Critical + Weapon Elemental Damage CWDT: Bloodrage + Assasins Mark Auras: Wraith + Herald of Thunder Golem: Ice Golem Skilltree Its for the old patch, but you should be able to think abit around the corner, nothing changed really https://www.poebuilder.com/character/AAAAAgYAAx4FtQYjBx4JoA5ID8QRlhSwFr8ZihnXGo8fQSLqJpUqCy9vMHE2PTpCO3w_c0V8SVFLV0t4VUtd8mHiYqxjQ2yMbOdtbG8Ib55wUnC7cNVzcHcHf8aCHoMJhxOIQohbidOMC4w2j_qTlZUul5eaYZu1nKSdqp-IoqOly60zsAu0OLVIuMq5fL7uwOPB88JzwzrHyslEykrN6s5w1CPZE92o5RnndOjW6xTsGOyw8NXxs_Pq9tr7Cfv1rEdRTH1bSsg_JypNtfJuqti9NZL-Cv6P Setup It's still experimential, cause some things don't work atm, like Bloodrage... Combat: 40 Attackrange (Otherwise can stuck), 25 Saferange, Kiterange: 20, 250ms Movement Golem: Ice Golem, prio 3 Leftclick: Kinetic Blast, prio 2 Auras: Wraith, Herald of Thunder, prio 4&5 Bloodrage: Tested everthing, doesn't work (Read the forum thread already, didn't helped) Flasks Think about improvements, but it runs like a charme. 1 Lifeflask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Bleeding - regular cooldown 2 Lifeflask - Insta Recovery, Remove Frozen - 100ms cooldown 3 Movementspeed - 30% Increased Movement, Recharge on Crit - 4000ms cooldown, XXX variation 4 Mana Flask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Curse - 500ms cooldown 5 Mana Flask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Burning - 500ms cooldown A deep discussion, with compares would be wonderfull! Your turn bro: Don't forgett to give me +1
  4. derpderrrr

    Pickit Feature Idea

    I monitored the bot over the course of Breach League, and with that league especially loot was an issue... even with a good lootfilter. I think it would be a great idea to write into the script for the bot to press "Z" twice before looting in order to "refresh" the items actually on the screen. When the entire screen is full of loot, much of the loot would actually be off-screen and the bot would almost always fill up with miss-clicked items then waste a portal to the hideout to sell it. Loot situations immediately following a Breach are prime suspect. I'm thinking efficiency anyway. Let me know if anyone else observed this issue. Ciao~
  5. Hi, this is Veel, First of all thx for this fantastic bot and sorry for my english. I have some ideas than might help bot to be even better 1.- Looting option: I like to loot rare items, but i don't want to boot shield, i think it could be interesting if once activate loot rare, a popup windows appears an there select wich type of items do you want to loot ( amu, ring, shield,, etc...) 2.- running maps: I think it could be very interesting if the bot could run selected maps stored in a user defined stash tab. 3.- I think it could be very interesting to get some statics, i mean more structured, ( how many chaos, alts, ... , rare boots, amus,... , unique rings, swords,......), and experience gained, and the choice to download that information as an excel file. this way we could make our own statics for each of our players and so decide where to lot. 4.- Get Focus: This is a particular issue, but maybe more people could take advantage from it. I leave my pc booting at home while i am working outside and sometimes i connect via teamviewer to see if everything is working fine. The problem is that when i leave Teamvier 5.- vendor for chaos. I think it would be interesting an option to store rare items until you get a complete set and then sell to the vendor for chaos rune. . thx for considering, Veel
  6. Another member brought up he was having trouble with bot picking up items on shoutbox. Ash and I were trying to help him, had trouble understanding what completely was wrong (language barrier). Anyways, he had a valid issue. I watched bot for a while tonight. At a large amount of items on ground, bot scanned up and then down and then started about 1-2 seconds of the circular pattern it usually would do, and then went back to the up and down motion in an infinite loop. What I have been used to seeing is that bot scans up, then down, then a circular motion with wider arc as it progressed. This is not happening anymore causing a continuous loop to occur. So, I don't know if this was intentional or a bug. PS - I don't have highlight items on, I do have use alt for pickup, I am using Win 7 with aero theme. There, got that out of the way.
  7. i am running a merauder w/ 150/200 IIQ / IIR and when i kill corrupted boss there is always to much loot to take in one trip. the bot goes to town but doesnt go back for the remaining loot. i noticed the bot missed some Uniques and midnights because of this bug.
  8. Read First: If you like this idea please pos rep this post to see how many like the idea. Hey there, so after seeing the "status" tab working great it made me get an idea. After botting runescape for many years I noticed a lot of scripters made mobile logs. How this worked was you made an account on a php portal. On the script on the bot you would input your mobile acc information and a nickname for that bot. The nickname was incase you ran multiple bots you could distinguish between them. The webpage was designed for mobile devices so you could make a shortcut link on your mobile device so you didn't need to code both a droid, apple, and php app. I think it would be cool if you could do the same under the manage tab and have nick names for the bots. Basically it would have a home screen with buttons for each nickname. Once you clicked it was like Running: No Runtime: 1d 3h 47m Stash tab full: No Loot: 1427 items Chaos: 28 Exalt: 2 Fusing: 98 Alterations: 120 Helms(unique): 1 Helms(rare): 12 Chest(unique): 2 Chest(rare): 1 Etc Like when I'm on the road with work or even just at school or running to Walmart it would be cool to check my bots loots. Counter resets when you close exile bot just like the status page will reset. I don't know how difficult it would be to set a send code to the client but a start and stop button or even a regulated break system would be cool Like run time:8hours Break time: 2 hours So it'll run for 8 hours then break for 2 hours run another 8 then break etc. I typed this all on my phone so sorry for any typos/shitty English. Edit: edited title to comply with rules, and added tags.
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