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  1. It would be great if bot click on Voltaxic Sulphite.
  2. found answer here: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/11033-bot-doesnt-work-with-the-5-slot-map-device/
  3. Hi, My map device now has 5 sockets, and it seems that the bot doen't click on the "activate" button. Please, let me know which file and what coordinates are needed to update so the bot click the "activate" button again. thx
  4. Veel

    maps poblem

    still not working properly
  5. Hi, Could someone tell me how to config the pickt just to pick any unique item, maps, divination cards and orbs?
  6. Please, could someone help me on how should i configure this to use the flask stored in key 4 every 5 seconds?
  7. Thx!! never realized of that button!
  8. But if i use a flask as a combat skill i lose those combat skills... i don't know why not to configure more options for keys from 1-5... really don't understand, it's quite easy to do so whith timers...
  9. Hi, I think it would be interesting if there is a special usage of the flasks, as for example using it every X millisecond,... I mean it because i would like to use unique flasks everytime it is avaliable.
  10. Hi, I think it would be interesting if we could activate a feature where a .lof file would be created where we could see all items dropped and also all items picked. I would like to make some statics in differents zones. I know there is a form where the last items are shown, but i need more if possible, a .log o .txt file would be nice.
  11. I got some maps in tab nº9, the the bot goes from tab 1 to 9 and get a map, this is correct, but after that it goes to tab nº10 and then it goes back to nº9 and it enters in a loop.
  12. gonna check what is it
  13. Yes, but i want to keep all messages so i can check later whose of them are for trading, and then, try to find the buyer to make a deal.
  14. Hi, I think it could be very interesting if the Bot could keep all incoming messages, this way, when a user contact us and we are not in front of the monitor, the bot will keep those messages and we can filter them later to contact the buyers. Tip. I think the incoming messages get "->" string
  15. leftclick is "move only" and richt click is "infernal blow"
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