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  1. i am running a merauder w/ 150/200 IIQ / IIR and when i kill corrupted boss there is always to much loot to take in one trip. the bot goes to town but doesnt go back for the remaining loot. i noticed the bot missed some Uniques and midnights because of this bug.
  2. Hey i'm here with my second proposal. i am farming library atm and i was wondering if the bot could start a new area after killing the Unique boss in there. SO ... a toggle option to restart area after unique kill. since you can chicken on sight i think ( as a programmer myself) that it won't be to hard to implement this feature in one of the folowing patches. sincirely Nella!
  3. the same function as [ChanceItem] but using Alchemy's so you have a higher chance of finding a decent weapon in prefered Type / Category, .... example: [Type] == "Siege Axe" && [itemLevel] >= "72" # [AlchItem] == "true"
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