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    [Guide] ExplosiveArrow combat settings

    Nono, it's Q,W,E. It was an error copy/pasting screenshots. I'll fix it right now, thanks!
  2. Hi, I'd like to share with you guys my EA combat settings, since I heard someone is having problems setting it up. Thank maumau03 for asking This configuration will kite the enemy if it gets too close, and also will auto gain frenzy charges whenever they run out. This is my tested configuration, working like a charm. Feel free to give an advice and improve it. Cooldown is based on your skill tree and gear, try this config, if it's not working as it should try to lower or increase it ~200ms. Help me with my rep u_u EDIT: frenzy error | copy/pasting error. thank jps42 for pointing that out full image link
  3. Thank you very much, I'm sure this post will be useful to other community members!
  4. Thanks, this helped. I would rather check for my character hp/es, the risk is that the vaal discipline gets used while my shield is full and the boss is not even touching me. But if there's no other option... I'll try my best to make it work What about flasks, can they be used when encounter a boss or something else? Is the combat tab working with numbers for flask?
  5. Hi everyone, is there an option or a settings file that I can edit to use something like vaal discipline under X% es/hp? Maybe a workaround with flask settings, like putting the vaal discipline hotkey in the Flask X, that triggers below X% es/hp. My char is capable of making high tier maps, but without using this +1600 es boost from these skills on low life, is pretty hard to survive with some bosses... introducing this feature would help so much in terms of deaths. I found it a bit strange to not have an option like this in the whole EB. Thanks in advance, good work
  6. Hi, my bot was farming Voll in dried lake, it is set to go back in town with portal scroll (there were portal scroll in the inventory), the inventory hotkey is the default "i". I can't figure out why the bot kept standing there after he killed Voll, instead of going back to sell/stash items. Here are the last minutes from the log: http://pastebin.com/Vx0rY7C0 EDIT: I forgot to mention the bot version, it is 0.64 RC. I'm not on a virtual machine or any VPN, steam version. I hope we will find a solution, Thank you
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