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Found 3 results

  1. The problem is this: I have a golem and animatronics are on Ctrl +, but he cannot use them if I don’t call their current. Проблема такова - У меня голем и аниматроник стоят на Ctrl+, но он их не может использовать, если я сам их тока не призову. The problem is this: I have a golem and animatronics are on Ctrl +, but he cannot use them if I don’t call their current. I can’t put on the main buttons - since there he uses a fiery jerk and protection + zombies and skeletons. And if I put them on Ctrl + then he will not use them. Я многое уже перепробовал ... прочитал много советов на форуме, но что та не чего не помогает. На главные кнопки я не могу поставить - так как там он использует огненый рывок и защиту + зомби и скилеты. А если я их поставлю на Ctrl+ то он их не будет использовать.
  2. aChallened1

    Basic Combat Tab Settings

    There are a lot of options to be taken into consideration here. They are the same for all, but how you set each one affects how well your bot will do its job. While you can set the left mouse key to be used as an attack, it is suggested that you set it to be movement only. There is even a box "Is movement skill(BETA) for that and it works well enough. If you intend to use it was an attack, stick to the default weapon attack, or a melee attack of some kind. Right mouse button is the one that your primary (most used) attack will be set up on. If it is a melee weapon you need to take two things into account, one is the weapon range (daggers and shortswords are 9, long swords are 11, and two-handers are usually 12). Those ranges can be increased by gems - one increases melee range by 18. Set your range with those in mind. This could be a ranged attack as with a bow, or spell. Those can be ranged from a min of 0 to a max of 30. With the shift key option used you can set it further. Otherwise, the bot will move closer to be within the actual range of the attack. Middle mouse is your second attack and you'll want to set it a little more specifically than Right mouse. Like what kind of target to use it on, or min monsters in max range (bottom two boxes). QWERT is where I set up auras, buffs, and traps/totems/mines. For Auras you just need one box set up to take care of them all the time: "Aura Name". This is a drop-down list with the known auras in game. Any spell that is always on once you cast it falls under this category and includes "Clarity" "Grace" and many more. Just keep in mind that these reserve a portion of your mana pool - typically 25% each. For combat totems, you need to know how long it lasts. Most totems last for 8 seconds, I've seen one that lasts 12. That is what you need to set the cooldown timer for, and it's based on miliseconds, or 1000th of a second, (i.e. 8000 for those with 8 seconds cooldown). You will also want to set totems to be used based on "Min Monster required in range" which is set to 0 by default, and Min monster required range. For a totem that casts ranged spells, I might set it up as Min monster required in range to 5 (maybe more) and Min Monster required range to 30. What that does is to tell the bot to cast the spell if there are at least 5 mobs within 30 units distance. But, for it to work and not be ignored, you also have to set the priority higher than your primary and secondary attacks. 20 is a good number for that. Your secondary attack might be a strong one that you want used on specific mobs. You can set the "Target Selection" to specify "All" (the default), normal, magic user, rare, or even unique). This might also be a consideration for dropping your totem, mine, etc. If you want to use raise zombie, or such, you will need to have it target corpses. If you're using golems, there's the Minon type drop-down. It is ONLY for golems. Below it is for how many to summon. Unless you have gear that gives you more than 1 golem, leave it as 1. Priority is from highest to lowest. So, if you want to drop a nuke spell or attack under specific conditions, you need to set those conditions and give it a high priority. Your primary attack will be a priority of 1, always. No need to be higher and it should be generic other than min and max ranges. I think that gets to the meat of the subject, but there are portions I have not covered, like charges. Those are further into the game than I have gotten so far and thus I cannot comment on them realistically. Priority is important! Your primary attack should be 1, always. Secondary and others need to be set according to how important they are. If you stick with 1 through 10, with 1 reserved for your primary attack, then you might set your secondary to 2, and so on. The higher the priority the more important it is to be used, IF/when the conditions match. If you have a totem you want to use on Q, but only when it is a Magic or higher level monster, then you could set it to Target select - Magic, and give it a priority of 5. That puts it above your primary attack (at 1) and your secondary (at 2) and anything else <= 4. If two actions have the same priority then the first one gets used. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi, I'd like to share with you guys my EA combat settings, since I heard someone is having problems setting it up. Thank maumau03 for asking This configuration will kite the enemy if it gets too close, and also will auto gain frenzy charges whenever they run out. This is my tested configuration, working like a charm. Feel free to give an advice and improve it. Cooldown is based on your skill tree and gear, try this config, if it's not working as it should try to lower or increase it ~200ms. Help me with my rep u_u EDIT: frenzy error | copy/pasting error. thank jps42 for pointing that out full image link
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