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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to share with you guys my EA combat settings, since I heard someone is having problems setting it up. Thank maumau03 for asking This configuration will kite the enemy if it gets too close, and also will auto gain frenzy charges whenever they run out. This is my tested configuration, working like a charm. Feel free to give an advice and improve it. Cooldown is based on your skill tree and gear, try this config, if it's not working as it should try to lower or increase it ~200ms. Help me with my rep u_u EDIT: frenzy error | copy/pasting error. thank jps42 for pointing that out full image link
  2. Hello Guys I have been following a good build atm , It's basically an Explosive Arrow build where you get some fire dmg % nodes and use a high AS base weapon to stack the mobs with a lot of Explosive Arrow projectiles and let them do the area dmg. You would have to stack the normal mobs 3~5 times with the skill , then wait for then to explode (1500 ms) otherwise the fuse duration increases. Also please take in mind that hitting the mobs with the skill does almost no damage to increase our strategy of stacking the fuses. The bot have a cool down feature but it won't help because he won't be able to stack fuses. It's really frustrating and i have searched for the whole forum about it , and there hasn't been a solution for it yet. My guess is that there should be a feature on the skill where it says ( Stack skill ? "Value Here") first one is to enable skill stacking , and "Value Here" should let us type how many attacks should the bot attack before waiting (1500ms) to let them explode or whatever is your build since stacking is a well known term and might come in handy with other good builds in the future. I'm current new with the forums and stuff so I don't know if I should put this thread in adding new feature requests or not. Please I don't want replies with "Set cooldown to 1500 ~ ..stuff replies" , It doesn't work like that , he will stack 1 arrow wave and wait 2 seconds which will be a pain in the ass + won't deal much damage + might die a lot , the point of this build is to stack as many arrows at the least time and let them explode. Thanks everyone for reading and Hopefully we can find a solution to this.
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