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Found 4 results

  1. PathOfBot

    Bot entering portals by accident

    Hey all, i have the following problem occuring for quite some time now. The bot runs a map, got its inventory full, sells stuff in town, reenters the map and then this happens: The bot tries to get to "Point A" but accidently walks into the portal, is sent back to the ethernal laboratory, reenters the maps... and than it cycles till all portals are gone. Anyone got an idea or is there no solution yet? Version used is 18c, but had this problem already in earlier states of the bot. Also not beeing able to pick up loot when there are too many drops is still a big problem - but this bug is known already Greetings
  2. It would be very helpful to be able to choose the starting portal position bot takes when starting a map. As of right now, it starts top right and IIRC goes counter-clockwise. Depending on your personal hideout layout in terms of placement between master/map device/stash box, the bot can click into portals on the way to or from vendoring. I personally place stash and master below and slightly to the left, so having the bottom left portal be used first would eliminate any misclicks into a portal and waste it and time. I've also found that I couldn't reliably find a decent setup where the map device was to the bottom left of the stash/vendor and it not do other wonky stuff like open decorations, or other misclicks.
  3. Hi, my bot was farming Voll in dried lake, it is set to go back in town with portal scroll (there were portal scroll in the inventory), the inventory hotkey is the default "i". I can't figure out why the bot kept standing there after he killed Voll, instead of going back to sell/stash items. Here are the last minutes from the log: http://pastebin.com/Vx0rY7C0 EDIT: I forgot to mention the bot version, it is 0.64 RC. I'm not on a virtual machine or any VPN, steam version. I hope we will find a solution, Thank you
  4. Hi there, Been giving mapping a go today. The bot would do really well, until it fills its inventory up and then it would summon a portal, use it, go back to hideout, identify items and then use the portal back into the map. Once in the map it uses the portal back into the hideout. It does this until all portals are used up and then it goes to sell items and then fetches another map. Why is it doing this constant portal use to waste the maps?
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