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  1. ickehier

    Auto chance script

    well ctrl+c on the chanced item would do the trick, i guess. no need to go into the (poe) memory
  2. ickehier

    In need of data

    i dont think that would be helpful unless you plan to take increase effects into count. even then ranged spells and attacks will be a problem since its range is a lot higher than I want it to attack. but thats actually not what he asked for. I would find a visualisation useful. for example showing a red circe in a black rectangle depicting the range. for the data, i guess you have to go for the community to help. maybe prepare a googledoc or something. and a proof of your work so far, so people know you are legit.
  3. This is my personal Pickit. I do not guarantee anything with it. I did this in about half an hour, but been testing it for days. It works fine for me. Bot runs through whole map without the need to sell in map. (with 70iir/60iiq) The most part I did is giving Rare Weapons, Shields and Chests a Base Type to pick up, Leaving low item bases behind. It will still pick all Jewelry, Gloves, Boots and Heads. Added a few mods to look for. Id'd Chaos Recipe is still working. Only use this from Monsterlvl 66+!
  4. I'd like to use the "use on fail" skill anytime, nut just when the bot cant reach it. it would speed up things alot. at best, this would be an additional skill you can set up like the others.
  5. ickehier

    PoE can see your browser history?...

    Clearing history has no effect on this. There is no legal way for GGG to locally track websites that you are visiting. Its foolish to even think that. "22. Collecting Information: Whenever you access or make use of any of THE Website, Materials or Services" They are talking about nothing other than their own website. However, since both, this forum and PoE websites are using google analytics it would be possible to track users. Google shows where people are coming from and where there are going to. But it would be most inconvenient and at least in my country illegal as well. So if you wanna be very safe just don't click any links to official GGG sites in this forum in vice versa (haha). Additionally you can use different IPs and a private mode browser (or disabling cookies for google) on either of it. As for me (im not a hardcore botter), I dont give a damn about this.
  6. ickehier

    Some outstanding issues

    I don't have this problem, but bot gets stuck on clicking vaal vessels (the thingy that drops Sac pieces)
  7. ickehier

    0.24 standard pickit

    As I just noticed the pickit file is searching only for quivers that dont exist since 1.2.
  8. ickehier

    A bit worried after a recent ban(s)...

    what do we learn from this? get supporter status and bot happily 24/7?
  9. ickehier

    Some outstanding issues

    as there are working maphacks out there, isnt it possible to let the bot calculate a route as it enters an area? if not so, how about the good old "follow left wall", but avoiding areas already explored?
  10. ickehier

    Bot smarts using /remaining command

    +1 for this idea!
  11. sounds like theres a problem with pressing Shift. while advertising in poe I noticed i sometimes write caps in other programs. until this is handled with, you should keep away from shift-key
  12. ickehier

    Hope can solve the main mission!

    The thing is, other poe bots offer auto questing.
  13. ickehier

    Need a script to avoid CTRL key issue

    close gurud, find in taskbar, rightclick -> disable hotkeys
  14. great, great work! Thanks! I would love an option to filter trademessages for searchwords like "WTB" or "Soul Taker" edit: got this error on PM
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