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Found 2 results

  1. Tradespam v5.3 Since some of you requested a new version of my trade spamming script i decided to rewrite and release a new one. _______________________________ tradespam.v5.3.zip Features: No FileReading, image- or pixelsearch is used at all, everything done via memReading!​ optional number of channels break advertisement if you recieve a pm if a message accidently gets fucked up, tradespam automatically tries to fix it! (optimized) almost every automated input is using completly randomized delays!The basetimings can be changed to whatever you like play sound if you recieve a pm (option can be disabled)! loop your advertisement choose between 2 spam methods: the standard method you all know linking every item every time (that way you can change zones without breaking itemlinks) pm logging tradechan logging word filterSee here for any further explanation on how this works. reply to the last recieved pm via button logs all players who ever sent you a pm Each person who evey whispered you is avaiable through a dropdownlist which feature multiple options: send PM send partyinvite send traderequest (needs to be in your instance!) kick from party whois add player to FList ignore player hideout additional informations via splashtext added a section for live trade-channel watching (PoE does not need to be active!) Auto-Update Feature!If there is a new version of TradeSpam. It automatically detects this and offers you to download & install the new version. How To: Spoiler start tradespam choose between 2 spam methods: method1: this is the standard method you all know write your desired Trademessage ingame to any tradechannel and submit it press F1 or the start button in the script method2: linking every item every time (that way you can change zones without breaking itemlinks) this method needs some special setting up Open your stash and put up to 10 items you want to offer in one stashtab or your inventory Mouseover every item and press "ALT" + "X" enter a price and press "OK" or press "CANCEL" to advertise this item without a price set dont close your stashtab/inventory if linked items are in it while adverstising! press F4 or the start button in the script word filter usage:See here for any further explanation on how this works. enjoy Notes: Spoiler Item links are not being displayed "correctly"! (you just see a "_" instead of the itemname) be sure to use the standard PoE version! (no steam or any other odd version, just the standard english game client is supported!) Hotkeys: Spoiler F1 start advertising F2 pause F8 exit ALT + R: reply ALT + I: invite ALT + T: trade Outdated Versions: Spoiler tradespam.v5.1.zip tradespam.v5.0.zip TradeSpam.zip tradespam.v3.7.zip tradespam.v3.6.zip tradespam.v3.5.zip tradespam.v3.4.zip tradespam.v3.3.zip tradespam.v3.1.zip tradespam.v3.0a.zip tradespam.v3.0.zip tradespam.v2.7.zip tradespam.v2.6.zip
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED TO v3.3a! changes: offsets updated to PoE.v1.2.1!EB-Tools.v3.3a.zip Sad day for me but this will be the last update for the standard EB-Tools as you know it. This tool grew by its tasks. And this is where the shit started to hit the fan. EBT reached about 15.000 lines of code on its current state. Sadly i am no longer truly able to handle bugtracking or even handling For upcomming PoE patches with a changed BasePointer, simply open your config.ini and change the "baseMgrPtr" value to "0" (both without the quotes)! I hope you enjoyed using EBT at least a bit, as i did developing this! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- version: v3.3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EB-Tools.v3.3a.zip Dropbox [ext.download] _____ __ _ ____ ____ _ __ _____ lifetime downloads :: 2915 (total for all versions) _________________________________________________________________ _ _ _________________________________________________________________ In order to not be identified for botting too easy I have created this little tool. Original idea was a simple zoneChanging option for automatic zone change. In the meantime this project got a little bigger. It now supports stashTab changing, many additional informations and ofcurse the zoneChanging stuff (incl. map/zone switching)! Features (this is a work in progress): easy configurable due to GUI supports stashTab changing! configurable for as many stashTabs as you want comes with its own multi stashtab system [ more or less outdated since this is meanwhile a standard feature on Exiled Bot! ] supporting every zone in all 3 acts on every difficulty (including Boss Farming) you can now set up as many different zones as you like for botting zoneselection is completly random now! you are now able to switch between map farming and normal zones you can set up the timerange which you want to spend before changing zones & stashTabs. script automatically starts/restarts PoE & Exiled Bot [ config your paths! ] logfile support Command Line Parameter support [ see here for details ] Display for Status-Updates pm detection and reacting to it pm logging [ see chatlog.txt or for the latest pm check the Status-Update Box in EB-Tools while running! ] All options are explained via tooltips "mouse-stuck-detection" & reacting to it [ see here for details ] unstuck for "item stuck on cursor" loop Autostart-Option scheduling your botting time added e-mail verification [ SSL servers will not work yet, try mail.aol.com! ] hide/show details for better use on low resolution systems/vm's memory manager [ see here for details ] added option to clear mem automaticly every 120sec. /oos every X sec. Life-Time botting stats map upgrading [ You need to unbind your "C" key! meaning if you press "C" ingame nothing needs to happen! ] greatly expanded the failsafe checks for itemhandling Auto Update Vendor Coordinates random Town breaks Flask Management [ Supported Flasks are: QuickSilver, Jade, Granite, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst & Topaz Flask ] instant Gem leveling destroy obstacles using a individual Skill/HotKey Currency & Experience Penalty display How To: Download & extract EB-Tools.v3.3.zip. [ Download1 (Post-Attachment) || Download2 (dropbox) ] Run the extracted EB-Tools.exe and follow instructions. BE SURE TO RUN EB-Tools AS ADMINISTRATOR! enjoy EB-Tools ;> known Bugs: scheduling is currently not active (will be back with the next release)Script preview: additional notes: I would be glad if some of you could test this script a bit. Although I'm pretty sure that everything works as intended but you never know ;> If you encounter bugs let me know! If you have any feature requests which should be added, let me know! I really appreciate every feedback! If you have any questions or comments please post them in here. I wont do any support via PM! Use this Thread! If you think you can help improve this project - I am looking for contributors! So PM me if you think you can help. if you like what you use vote for it or feel free to donate... contributors: Thanks to bonebox for testing, you're worth a mirror! and an awesome guy! I am missing you bro! Thanks Alk for the Bot and some additional help! Thanks GuruD for his amazing work on his MultiScript! Thanks to MekongSwells for the original gui! Thanks to PWFTrojaner for testing new stuff Thanks to hongthai for testing new stuff Without you, all this would not have been possible! patchnotes / changes: 30.08.2014: Project Stopped! 30.08.2014: v3.3a - OffSets updated 27.08.2014: v3.3 - OffSets updated, EBT is now working with the latest version of PoE / MANY BugFixes & optimisations [Changelog] 17.08.2014: v3.2 - To many changes to list them here [Changelog] 31.07.2014: v3.1b - Fixed a Bug which caused the main system to stop / added Jade & Granite Flasks to Flask Management [Changelog] 30.07.2014: v3.1 - Offsets updated / AutoFlasks System added / PM System changed / AutoUnlock fixed / minor Gui changes [Changelog] 21.07.2014: v3.0 - simple repack 12.07.2014: v3.0 - see the full Changelog here! 17.04.2014: v2.4 - gui overhaul / hide/show details for better use on low resolution systems/vm's / memory manager / added option to clear mem automaticly every 120sec. /oos every X sec. / process startup fixed / map/zone switch implemented / added possibility to deactivate EB-Tools stashing-system and use the originial one / Life-Time botting stats / generell bugfixing / added readme & donate button 03.04.2014: v2.2 - fixed some minor bugs / added e-mail verification 20.03.2014: v2.1 - fixed the stashtab bug / fixed the timer displays / fixed autostart feature / added unstuck for "item stuck on cursor" loop 15.03.2014: v2.06 - added option to schedule botting time / added autostart-ption 13.03.2014: v2.05 - added timerange for Zonechange / added display of Status-Updates / trimmed the pm string 13.03.2014: v2.04 - added Tooltips / added "mouse-stuck-detection" & reacting to it 11.03.2014: v2.03 - fixed the "gui out of screen" bug / added display of runtimes / added pm detection & reacting to it 25.02.2014: v2.02 - added "Command-Line Parameter" Support 24.02.2014: v2.01 - Script renamed / Gui added / Fixed most errors 15.02.2014: v1.9b - fucked up alot 20.12.2013: v1.9 - repositioned inGameTooltip / Script now wont select the same stashTab and/or Zone twice in a row 19.12.2013: v1.8 - added logging / fixed all errors (hopefully) 13.12.2013: v1.7 - added number of zones & stashTabs / 5 stashTabs supported / rewritten time-formating / fixed Overlay display bug! 12.12.2013: v1.6 - added EB profile support / added stashTab changing / fixed some issues 05.12.2013: v1.5a - completly rewritten the zonechanging section / Script now supports up to 5zones/zoneselecting is completly random now/option to pause the script added 15.11.2013: v1.1 - Cleaned up code / working with the latest Version of Exiled Bot/PoE 10.11.2013: v1.0 - Autostart PoE & Exiled Bot / inGame overlay Menu added 08.11.2013: v0.9b - added support for all 3acts and every difficulty 07.11.2013: v0.9a - rewritten the whole script. 21.10.2013: v0.8r - initial public release outdated versions: v3.30 EB-Tools.v3.3.zip v3.20 EB-Tools.v3.2.zip v3.1b EB-Tools.v3.1b.zip v3.10 EB-Tools.v3.1.zip v3.00 EBTv3.0-repack.zip v3.00 EBT.v3.0.zip v2.80 v2.8j.zip v2.70 EBT.v2.7.zip v2.60 EB-Tools.v2.6a.zip v2.40 EB-Tools.v2.4.zip v2.20 EB-Tools.v2.2.zip v2.10 EB-Tools.v2.1.zip v2.06 EB-Tools.v2.06.zip v2.05 EB-Tools.v2.05.zip v2.04 EB-Tools.v2.04.zip v2.03 EB-Tools.v2.03.zip v2.02 EB-Tools.v2.02.zip v2.01 EB-Tools.v2.01a.zip v1.9b ExiledBot.Zone.Changer.v1.9b.zip v1.9a ExiledBot.Zone.Changer.v1.9.zip
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