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  1. legitplayer

    league stones

  2. legitplayer

    league stones

    anyone know if the bot will support the league stones next league?
  3. legitplayer

    Exiled Bot Feature Request

    Stashing and selling speedup would be really appreciated. Oh and maybe some routine fixing. If bot wants to start new map and he missclick old portal. He goes back and starts doing whole process again. Switching thru tabs stashing map. Open close stash and all over b4 he goes to device again.
  4. legitplayer

    Auto chance script

    Allready Made a simple ahk.Script which does 120 scour chance a run.
  5. Hey, does any one have a simple auto chance script? where you put chance scour in predifined spot and script click spams whole inventory?
  6. legitplayer

    Essensce stashing

    done sry thanks
  7. legitplayer

    Not upgrading maps with currency tab

    there is a simple bypass.. just put currency you use for your maps/chance w/e in the lower five extra slots.(just 1 orb each so it wont fill default slots) and put the rest of your alc chance w/e in the last stash.
  8. legitplayer

    Chroms: To pick or not to pick, that is the question

    not picking it up. my stash is allready flooding with chroms without picking up chrom items. The rates are so shitty atm it´s not worth imo.
  9. legitplayer

    Login Problem!

    I noticed that the bot is not able to solve login problems. I had this issues now 3 times in the past 2 days which is quite annoying cause this happens completly random. If the server is unreachable for some time or there was just an error logging in, bot is no able to klick okay and try to relogin after a set amount of time. Lastrun just spams clicking login button. Furthermore i noticed a maprunning bug since prophecy.Sometimes bot just goes to farm set area instead of running maps. after a quick start stop he will continue mapping as usual. This bug is quite rare and i just saw this twice since release(@4bots).
  10. legitplayer

    Bot Progression wont progress

    not meant to level with this bot atm. Just level by hand, it´s a lot safer too
  11. legitplayer

    GCP Recept

    hey is it possible to add an feature like the chaos recipe but for gcp's ? i mean the option to collect qualitiy gems is there so we need just an auto option to sell the gems
  12. legitplayer

    Divination Distillate

    Problem with this flask is, that it only counts as long as u are not on full life/mana. Same with normal life/mana flasks. So you have to cull/kill the monster perfectly timed to use the quant/rarity bonus it provides. GGG messed this item seriously up imo.
  13. legitplayer

    Really annoying master bug

    So if by accident the bot accepts master quest(Tora/Haku for example) with dungeon next to them, he will enter it and D/C chicken. This would be ok for me if he does this one time. But he relogs enters map again. joins dungeon again D/C chicken again. until all portals are gone. This needs a fix pls! saw this the first time now, but i had high chicken counters quite often these days.
  14. legitplayer

    Which Vpn site you use?

    I can only recommend private Ip´s and not shared ones. you pay quite a bit extra, but my first 4 bots are running now for a good month, without any problem:)
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