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Found 6 results

  1. Hello ! This Thread have 1 goal in mind : to make our Developer Alkpone and PhalanxRS life a bit easier by providing them a clear view of what the community want from our beloved Exiled Bot This way our Developer wont waste their precious energy and time, and can read what the community needs. If you guys have other feature that i havent included in the Poll please let me know by posting in this thread.
  2. Does anyone of u know a currency flipping bot, that is working with poe.trade?
  3. Hi can anyone help me make a pickit list to stash all uniques? cause right now the forcesell pickit list sells literally everything jpick_forcesell.ipd
  4. I love that GGG keeps adding uniques, but it gets the \\UNIQUE\\ section of the pickit VERY messy. You run the risk of a) missing really good items, or b) picking up a bunch of trash! I'd like, if possible, for the incorporation of a [Name] syntax. This might have to come after the item has been "#" identified. [Type] == "Occultist's Vestment" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [Name] == "Shavronne's Wrappings" && [StashItem] = "true" // Shavronne's Wrappings Saves Shavronne's Wrappings and sells any other Unique Occultists Vestment (e.g. Infernal Mantle). I think this would be HUGE, mainly because with GGG adding so many new uniques every league, it's very difficult for us to separate from same-type items!! To do this, you need to find a parameter to separate the particular item. And you never really feel comfortable that you have the right parameter to separate, plus it's a LOT of time and work. Examples!!!! Here are examples of parameters you would need to look up and learn/know if you wanted to save a particular unique: [cannot_be_stunned] >= "1" [all_attributes_+%] > "10" [movement_velocity_+%_while_ignited] >= "10" [local_unique_jewel_nearby_disconnected_passives_can_be_allocated] >= "1" [damage_over_time_+%] >= "10" [base_maximum_mana] >= "1" [cold_damage_+%] >= "1" It's very cumbersome in its current state. With each unique you want to save that has more than 1 Type (or even if GGG might add another unique type in the future), you need to (a) look up all same-type uniques, and identify how your saved-unique is different from an affix/parameter perspective, then (b) search and find that parameter, and (c) code it into your pickit, and then (d) monitor all of your saved uniques and cross reference them with each introduction of a new unique to ensure you're still saving the proper uniques. To take it a step further, (e), when GGG rebalances uniques, in the current state of how pickit works, you would need to go back and check to make sure any of your saved-uniques were not changed by the balance, and if they were changed, go back to step (a)... This needs to happen for every unique item you want to save. Conversely, [ForceSellItem] worked at one point and was great, but now there are just too many uniques, [ForceSellItem] is almost more work than [StashItem] at this point - because again, you need to follow the above (a) - (e) steps for every single unique item you want saved... Including a [Name] feature would fix this problem in a second. Can I get a yes/no on if this is possible from the meta data of the identified item? Thank you.
  5. Hi there, i would like to see an Option where i can set the Bot to some kind of "Follow-Mode" where it for example always trys to catch up with the Group Leader. This would make it possible to let the bot run the Aurabot while i will do maps with my main account. Also it would be an good option to level the bot as my main rushes through the content and the bot just follows and picks up quest items(only). For sure the Leader is then not allowed to use Movement Skills as it would be hard for the bot to catch up. Would this be an good option? Does it sound interessing?
  6. when the character entered dried lake, the mouse was on the "New instance" position and causing the bot failed to cast aura. (i.e. the mouse will on wall after entering dried lake). Then I need manually move the mouse so that the bot will be able to cast aura. So I request the bot add a feature that the mouse will move to the character before casting aura, so that the mouse will not on wall/ out of screen, etc.
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