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  1. MasterOfSilence

    Slack URL outdated?

    Slack url is outdated cant access the server anymore on phone and laptop
  2. MasterOfSilence

    How do i make the bot sell items?

    Enable Smart Pickit
  3. MasterOfSilence

    Returning from a 5 year break from EB, PLEASE HELP!

    Advice as of now. Dont bot anything expensive high lvl accounts ect. bans are flying out VERY rapidly
  4. MasterOfSilence

    Day 3 cant get bot to work

    you are using a way to old version. Download 75c and reconfigure from scratch. Also do NOT run EB or POE as admin it can mess with things
  5. MasterOfSilence

    Crashes after several runs

    I fixed this issue. my bot would crash after 1-10 maps. I ended up having to completly reconfigure from scratch and ive been going for 5 hours straight now no crashes
  6. MasterOfSilence

    Currency Flipping

    I highlyh doubt there are any publicly know currency bots that are not scams. If it was public there would be people buying into them hard. Who doesnt want to earn X100000 ex in 1 night just standing in HO flipping chromes to chance to chaos to fus to ex. Any currency bots are private and kept tight lipped by those who have them. Or so massively expensive that you take one look at it and immediately call it a scam
  7. MasterOfSilence

    making bot team. 1 mf an 1 aura

    currently botting in teams is not supported
  8. MasterOfSilence

    Discord invite not working

    the link to the discord is changed everyh few weeks b/c Discord has recently starteds banning cheating/botting/3rd party channels.. If you have a paid/active license you should be able to access it in the private section. Do not share it please to prevent future banning as long as possible. The Link at the top of the page should take you to the private section which SHOULD contain a working/functional invite code. If it doesnt PM one of the support guys/gals and let them know its outdated but dont ask to be PM'd one directly. Just ask for them to update it
  9. MasterOfSilence

    Essences are not being picked up

    int eh pickit file remove the //(space) before all essences. They are about 20% of the way from the top.
  10. MasterOfSilence

    Burial Chambers

    Alk seems completely reluctant to fix this issue I honestly don't know/can't tell. Probably reaping in those sweet sweet The Doctors Cards all for himself
  11. MasterOfSilence

    Bot sold my equipped 6L perfect 30 quality disfavor

    always skin transfer something if its valuable so that its impossible to sell
  12. MasterOfSilence

    Good build for botting?

    Flicker, Wander, melee attacks, bow builds.
  13. MasterOfSilence

    Totem Builds

    find something else, the only thing I could think of would be have 2 keys with Totems(or how ever many totems you summon) and have a 5 second cool down on each of them with the same priority..
  14. MasterOfSilence

    i want ebtools

  15. MasterOfSilence

    Beach arena boss

    in the system.ini file look for exploration_distance=115 Try reducing it by margins of 5
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