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  1. EB 0.95 PoE 3.24.1 Defender deactived AV Software disabled Hi all.... maybe it's me ruturning to PoE & EB after a very long time of absence, but no matter what setting i try, i can't seem to get chicken method "TCP drop" working. Can anyone help me? Best regards,
  2. Yes i do... my bot highlights the items but doesnt pick them up
  3. well here is yet another user whose bot cannot pick items from the ground
  4. CoderX

    Manual Waypoint Input

    If this idea works out i would like to suggest Fellshrine Ruins too (Act 2) One way this idea could be implemented: Target the areas Gate (lights up when you move the mouse over it. Would that be possible?
  5. CoderX

    devination cards.

    [Category] == "Card" # [stashItem] =="true" [Category] == "Jewel" # [stashItem] =="true"
  6. hmmm doesn't appear to work under Win8.1 64bits 800 x 600 windwed selected any ideas?
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