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  1. try normal mode and see if it works, if hiding does not work for you - that's an issue on your side. the information you are giving is also not sufficient to help you in any way. please join slack for further assistance https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-1qnrohstt-vrG2bYws_znhDjtbNRUGTw
  2. please join our Slack for support
  3. Kintaro

    Hey all

    yes, when the summons are always there - it works very nice. problem is to re-create summons in some instances. it depends highly how you do it. the bot can work with walking only.
  4. Kintaro

    Hey all

    nice ^^
  5. Kintaro


    feel free to join slack and chat. https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-1qnrohstt-vrG2bYws_znhDjtbNRUGTw
  6. Kintaro

    Open active 5 slot map

    you need to change the coordinates in the ini for it: https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-1qnrohstt-vrG2bYws_znhDjtbNRUGTw please join slack and we can help u there.
  7. Kintaro

    Working ?

    working yes, a small mistake can cause that behavior. please join slack and we can help u there. https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-1qnrohstt-vrG2bYws_znhDjtbNRUGTw
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  9. Kintaro


  10. Kintaro

    Slack.... yet again

    Here you go: https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-1qnrohstt-vrG2bYws_znhDjtbNRUGTw the invite link is never "unlimited" sadly
  11. Kintaro

    Slack.... yet again

  12. Kintaro

    Slack.... yet again

  13. Kintaro

    Picket by lootfilter

    the bot does not rely on visuals. using a random not adjusted loot filter will interfere with looting.
  14. Kintaro

    BOTMAIN | Dedicated POE Bot Hosting

    Although this is not a cooperation between Exile-Bot.net and BOTMAIN - I can personally confirm the usability of that offer and that there are no issues between the OS/Hardware and the bot usage. The advertised 30FPS lock with low POE visual settings is also no issue and will work just fine for you. If you have trouble running a virtual machine on your system - then this might be a solution for your problem. Keep in mind that we do not offer any support for this and that it is fully independent. It is a good addition to the POE botting Eco-System!
  15. Kintaro

    elite question

    es gibt nur eine bezahlte version. "elite" is so ein altes ding noch. es gibt genau EINE version. kaufen und loslegen. welche lizenz spielt keine rolle.
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