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What it does:

Allows setting of passives to level up and does so as soon as available



  • Unlimited skills can be pre-assigned
  • Easy skill-setup
  • added "foolproof" restriction while in "setup mode" [ more details here ]
  • Set skills are visually displayed on skilltree
  • Allows display of set skills at any time
  • Save/load/auto load functionality (profiles are compatible, so they can be switched between different systems/chars)
  • Modification of set skill locations (add/edit/delete)
  • The skilling is “100% hardcore proof” (exiting to char selection > reclogging > skilling in town)
  • Character experience & levelling progress counters
  • Nice little interface
  • Possibility to use optional skillpoints (i.e.: skillpoints obtained from quest rewards)
  • reset exp ... aka. dieIfToHigh
  • force instant gem leveling
  • auto updating itself

additional explanation:

  • Start poe first and then the auto levelling tool
  • READ THE "How To" (click the Help button)
  • You dont need to select a location every time for every skill if your location did not change since the last added node
  • Each section is also available via Hotkey! [ Use NumPad1 - 6 for the different sections. ]
  • I suppose Skillnode Setup will be a bit tricky for you at the beginning but you see an ingame overlay popping up stating you the current status.
  • Added some fool proof methods to ensure error free skill-setup! [ see here for additional information ]
  • Aou can set up as many skillnodes as you wish! Only limit would be level 100 ^^
  • If you think you have all the skillnodes you want to level, simply start botting and leave the tool as it is...
  • resetting exp:
    • ​set your desired character level and the percentage exp
    • if your char reaches this limit it initializes a "die-sequence"
  • force instant gem leveling:
    • ​this feature levels your gems as soon as they are ready to level!
    • Be sure to uncheck the gem leveling feature @ Exiled Bot
    • Warning! This levels all your gems as soon as they are ready to level up, so remember to disable gems you dont want to level up inGame (i.e. cwdt)
  • ​be sure to delete your "Buttons" directory if you're upgrading from a previous version!


  • add Node:           hold down Right Mouse Button & click Left Mouse Button           adds a skillnode to the list
  • End Skill Setup:    hold down Right Mouse Button & click Middle Mouse Button        end skill setup [optional!]
  • Section 1:            NumPad1                                                                                      activating section 1 at the skilltree panel
  • Section 2:            NumPad2                                                                                      activating section 2 at the skilltree panel
  • Section 3:            NumPad3                                                                                      activating section 3 at the skilltree panel
  • Section 4:            NumPad4                                                                                      activating section 4 at the skilltree panel
  • Section 5:            NumPad5                                                                                      activating section 5 at the skilltree panel
  • Section 6:            NumPad6                                                                                      activating section 6 at the skilltree panel
  • show Nodes:        NumPad0                                                                                       shows all nodes for currently the active section
  • Manual skilling:      F5                                                                                                  manually skilling next node [i.e.  skillpoints from quests]

Some preview images which might help explaining things a little better:


NHajB0P.jpg  Rdji9pB.jpg  tulwiri.jpg  yTUqSjy.jpg


Known issues:

  • no issues known
  • if you have any suggestions/comments/bugs, please let me know!

Special Thanks:

  • BoneBox! Again, this would not have been possible without you!

outdated versions:

Edited by immo
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This is what we've needed for SO long Immo fantastic job well done!!! Not just for the new char levellers, but anyone that wants to leave their bot unattended and doesn't want to risk unlevelled skills (a big neon "I'm a botter" sign in my book!).


Suggestion to anyone that uses this, I've a good idea of how much time he's spent perfecting this and ironing out any bugs before release - see that donate button in his sig.....

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updated to v1.0.0.2

  • removed the guipositioning (no more clipping to the poe window)
  • there was an issue not removing inGame overlay and/or shown skillnodes while not ingame/skilltree panel - fixed
  • fixed the coloring issue in the listview
  • there was a bug when not using autoload or any loaded profiles, that after restarting auto.skiller it didnt showed the already set nodes but internaly had them so that new nodes where added at the number where you previeously had closed the tool. So you where not able to change/remove nodes as you didnt saw em - fixed
Edited by immo

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updated to v1.0.0.7!

see main post...


new feature / changes:

  • new feature: reset exp ... aka. dieIfToHigh
  • new feature: force instant gem leveling
  • new feature: auto update
  • OSD-Messages rewritten
  • Reset Button integrated
  • Tooltips added
  • graphical buttons redone (be sure to delete your "Buttons" directory to see the new ones)
Edited by immo

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updated to v1.0.0.8!

restart the skiller, it will autoupdate itself


new feature / changes:

  • updated the offsets

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Hello. Thank you for this great tool.


I don't want use it for autolevelling. I want it just to upgrade gems.

How do I set it up? I've tried just to checkmark "force instant blablalbla" but it did nothing.

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I was so happy that i found that, until i realised it doesn't work at all. 

Gem lvling - not even trying.

Autoskill lvling - tryed all, doesn't work.


Very needed feature! Immo, please update!

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This tool is ugly out of date...

Unfortunately, it looks as if these features hardly interest anyone and have therefore stopped development some time ago.

I am currently totally busy with other stuff, if i can free up some time, i am going to update this, but this wont happen in the nearest future, i am sorry.

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