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autostart bot with watchdog ahk

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; If the script is not elevated, relaunch as administrator and kill current instance:

full_command_line := DllCall("GetCommandLine", "str")

if not (A_IsAdmin or RegExMatch(full_command_line, " /restart(?!\S)"))
    try ; leads to having the script re-launching itself as administrator
        if A_IsCompiled
            Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%" /restart
            Run *RunAs "%A_AhkPath%" /restart "%A_ScriptFullPath%"
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
Sleep, 15000
loop *.exe
        if(A_LoopFileName!="cports.exe") And (A_LoopFileName!="startbot.exe")
                Run, %A_LoopFileName% --normal, , , ebpid
WinWait ahk_pid %ebpid%
WinActivate ahk_pid %ebpid%
WinGetActiveTitle, ebtitle
SendMessage, 0xB772,,,, %ebtitle%
Loop {
    Process, Exist, %ebpid%
    If ErrorLevel = 0
            Sleep, 10000
            WinGet, ebbpid, PID, ahk_class #32770
            Process, Close, %ebbpid%
            Goto, startbot

Save this text to file whatever.ahk and copy to startup folder. Win+r type shell:startup

Script run bot after 15 seconds(for all vpn, proxyfier etc loads)

Script autostart bot with last used profile

Script watch if bot crashed or relaunch and stuck on inject method window then script relaunch bot and autostart it. Check every 10 seconds.

I use it inside my vmware box

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