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Improved loot stashing filtering

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This suggestion is going to be greatly appreciated by anyone who uses the premium currency tab(Pictured below),



Using this tab with the bot currently has the following problems:

  • Maximum capacity for each currency type
  • Not enough "wild-card"(the bottom) slots for every type of item labeled as currency

In either case listed above if the bot is unable to stash a currency item it will spam attempt to stash indefinitely.



1) If an item fails to stash let's say after 5 retries, the bot should shift to the next user defined currency tab if one exists.

2) Allow users to reclassify items such as breach shards, breachstones, and essences as non-currency so they bot does not attempt to put them in the currency stash at all

3) Create Stash Location identifiers and item identifiers  for the following: Essences(this will let players use the essence stash tab if they want to), or just keep their essence organized and in one place that is not the currency tab, Divination Cards(will allow players to use divination tab if they have it) or just organize their cards in one place if they don't

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