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Found 4 results

  1. alu

    Help with main skill!

    Hello! I'm trying to use Cyclone in right mouse click Max distance 15 min 1. It see the mobs from far and it start clicking even thought the mobs are far away! Anyone has a setup!?
  2. hanleysiu

    Channeling Skills

    Hi my membership just expired, I want to renew it. But I am building a flameblast character, and the bot doesnt seem to be able to use it, it just cast it all day until I die. So I think it wud be great if there is an option for channelin skills like cast the skill for "x" seconds then stop, it would be great! thankyou
  3. Hi. I'm playing Ranger with Bow, I've tried to configure bot so it will attack with 2nd skill if there are at least 2 enemies close to each other and with 1st skill if enemies are far away to each other, but didnt succeed: Also, I have a question: Is it possible to configure the bot so it will run from enemy if its closer than, lets say, 200 range? Because in most cases my hero dies by melee attackers.
  4. Most tedious part of EB while levelling I found it to be the skills setup. As you progress and become able to use better items, you swap skills/gems about to increase effectiveness etc A suggestion for a quick skill setup (and helpful to everyone new and overwhelmed) would be a dropdown list of basic skills next to each skill value. UI change: Setting: Skill 1 (mouse_left), Value: Dropdown list with template default values, Melee, Ranged, AoE, Aura etc. Once the value has been selected the defaults for that skill are loaded from a template (could be part of the skills file). Example: Melee template section -> Priority=5, Cooldown=700ms (most common melee cooldown is 690ms, so to make it more human like/less detectable set to a close value), Max distance=400 (1 screen), Min=0, Target=All, Shift/Aura/Recast/Pressed=No, Monster Min=0, Monster range=100 Afterwards you can edit as normal to make more effective changes to your liking. Personally I use monster min=1 if it is single target skill such as dual strike (more dps) or 2 if its a more flexible skill such as molten strike (less dps/single target) In the future this can be expanded to include community optimised settings for each individual skill and make 90%+ of customers happy as they don't have to fiddle about with skills. Also it can make EB less detectable if skills are swapped around, which means different profile pattern in the long term (spam T button or LM??)
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