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  1. Hi, The bot sells the items. For my experience, with 1 tab dedicated is enought. I recommend you to choose as "Chaos recipe mode" option, "Unidentify".
  2. +1 I would like to see pushbullet notifications about bot picking up some uniques, some currencies, bot deaths, inventory full or passing 3/4 of available space as a warning, quantity of maps remaining in stash, etc, just some ideas, notifications about what bot needs for run smothly. If those are even possible to develop. Thanks
  3. Raul

    0.65B Bug

    Yes, get stuck close to an item he shoulds pick up but he doesn't. Seen this with any kind of loot, rares, uniques, currencies, chrom items
  4. I don't think that way, I prefer run the maps choosing enter the arena or not. I prefer a little bit less of drop but 10% chickens, more profitable and secure in my opinion
  5. Hi, I really think bot needs it, really needs it. I was not botting since v 0.60b, and my chicken escapes were a 10%, now are 30%. Same char, same build, same maps tier. I think, the optimal would be set which maps do you want to avoid arena in maps ipd config file Sorry for my english. Thanks, regards.
  6. Raul

    Some issue taking portals

    Hi, Im using loot filter, and reduced font size on it too, but this size changed has no effect for a 800x600 resolution I think
  7. Raul

    Some issue taking portals

    Hi, I think bot needs improvements managing portals with loot on floor and in narrow corridors. In corridors, if you come back to map from hideout and bot want to walk through portal going up, it will click on the portal entering a loop and wasting them all. If the path of the bot in the map is going the direction the portal is, the first click after bot comes back to map needs to be a little bit more far away from the char to avoid clicking on portal. And whit loot on floor, bot often get stuck trying to get into the portals. I hope you can understand what I try to explain, thanks
  8. Raul

    Map run progression or...

    I prefer the way it is now, bot runs higher maps first where the char has lower IQ penalty. 2 options for choose between running low > high or high > low, and map upgrading options (with settings) would be perfect.
  9. In 0.57c: - Added the possibility for user to make bot enter login and password for specific profile each time it logs in. This feature is not yet implemented in GUI, check config.ini file keys : "enable_account_credentials", "login_credential" and "password_credential" in general section. now we are talking , thanks Alkpone, this is a great feature
  10. Hi, Is posibble to the profile changer feature relog with a different account? How to setup it? Thanks, regards
  11. Raul

    WTB Ex / Chaos / Fuses

    A+++ trader, fast and no problem at all
  12. If rare mob is with a group, first should use aoe/group attack and when only rare remains use the single target skill. That's my idea
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