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  1. Sorry to be late on post, i abandonned this website since the discord is here :). Well, i could help on this, i can look for these bearers each of them and pm you when i got them.
  2. fantominus

    Bot keeps dying from elemental damage

    Some advices: - be fully capped with elemental resistances - ignore maps mods like elemental weakness, - max res, elemental reflect - use Sybil's Lament Coral Ring, give 40% reflect reduction - if you are using Wild strike, you are probably raider or something close then pick the node -10% reflect elem in the right side of the ranger, with ring it will give you 50% reflect mitigation - use Vessel of Vinktar + Vaal Pact, it helps a lot, then focus more on high attack speed than on big slam attack, the vinktar will help to leech just enough after each hit and like this you won't kill yourself - a lot of life (5k min, belly of the beast) or go CI (2.6 only xD) - Elementalist Ascendancy give 50% reduction on elem reflect if you combine with Sybil's Lament Ring you are almost immune to reflect - Make less damage, so less reflect - Use Divine Flask with Instant Recovery (2 of them) it will help especially with bot - put the chicken threshold above 30 or 35%, in most critical case it will make you chicken before dying bc of reflect Personally, i never die because of elem reflect (or very rarely), since they removed the reflect aura on Nemesis rares, there is only the rare mob which reflect the dmg and not the full pack like before so the reflect is not that much hard !!!! I hope it will help you !
  3. fantominus

    0.69b: Bug when vendoring

    Hi, When vendoring to master in ho, it doesn't select all items in inventory to move them to vendor, then start again moving items already in vendor tab and loop like this indefinitely. It happens when the inventory is almost full, more than 5 or 6 big items . It does this almost every round and so stuck completely bot.
  4. fantominus

    Bug ffedback on 0.68d

    I found the solution for this problem, i disabled the option "Use waypoint states from progression" and it no longer goes to zone.
  5. fantominus

    Bug ffedback on 0.68d

    Hi all, You will find the list of issues i experienced with 0.68d: - When using in maps, if a chicken happens, it comes back to act 4 and goes to dried lake (the one i selected in UI) clear the area and then come back to maps in ho. This happen almost everytime and it will be nice to not go dried lake and go directly to ho to go on with map. - Map Crematorium : cannot pass all mini maps, after 1 or 2 doors pass from one mini map to another, it put a tp and go back in ho to start a new map without finishing map. - Map Plaza : When it meets the lever to open a gate in this area, Eb is crashing, it happens each time. - Map Orchard: after killing boss in mini map, sometimes it stay stuck in a corner. - Still have some stairs stucking, especially in Quay and Beacon maps. - i made tests with new Phalanx betas but the new timers are awful to use, it slows all actions in inventory and stashes and make it lose a lot of time, how/where can i change these timers settings ? Last one, not a bug but an improvement for breaches: could it be possible that the bot don t start picking up loot until the breach is open because actually it makes it lose a lot of currency drop due to the fact that it doenst kill many breach mobs and just pick items from the first killed. Thank you for the job done anyway, it works well for the rest. Regards.
  6. fantominus

    Bot trying to attack mobs through the walls

    I have the same problem, it is only with range build, melee is not impacted because char goes to the mobs until it is in range to hit with melee. With range it is another business.
  7. fantominus

    Still can't use BLade Vortex

    ok found myself the solution, it was the golem who was dying and always recast. Now it works, no worries
  8. fantominus

    Still can't use BLade Vortex

    Hi, I tried following guide for beginners and so on but my blade vortex still not working properly. It stays in front of mobs without casting unitil chicken. Sometimes it works better sometimes not, but each area instance i chicken. I set the left click to movement without any skill ( in EB UI) and right click with max monster range at 5 or 7. I set maintain button. I don't know what to do i tried many configuration but it still crap. Someone would have an idea, i become desperate with this f*cking BV ? Regards.
  9. Hi Team, Since breach league is released we have an opportunity to make a lot of currency thank to breaches which spawn monsters with a lot of IIQ and IIR. But actually the bot does not trigger the breaches automatically. It just trigger them when it pass through by chance. Could you implement a feature to make the bot go to breach portal to trigger them automatically? it will be great and very efficient. Thanks.
  10. fantominus

    63 rc essences monolith issues

  11. fantominus


    i did it, just to be sure that someone will see it !!!
  12. fantominus


    Hi, Could you update the offsets, the bot is down after micro patch just 1 hour ago. Regards.
  13. Hi, Could you change the counter of map creation mechanics because it is not a real map creation, it is counter of how many times the bot goes into map which is different if the bot has to go several times in the same map. Could you change this by just counting the number of time the bot create AND enter maps? I'm making statistics and it will help if this counter will count properly. Or maybe add another counter. Thank you. Regards.
  14. fantominus

    How to deal with Atlas of Worlds end game ?

    Yes i just saw on poe website that you are not forced to pass by the atlas to farm maps. Good news then.
  15. fantominus

    How to deal with Atlas of Worlds end game ?

    Yes nothing change for the leveling, but for the end game it could be a problem using the atlas because it is not only picking a map in stash and put it in map device but dealing with Atlas, so it is why i m wondering about how the bot can deal with that.
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