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  1. yep , i use it because the bots chicken sucks hard. you need to use multi when you want to bot hc as me
  2. just go for EQ jugger... i bot that build on hardcore (nearly 90 currently)
  3. nopaxx

    0.6 crashes often - logs inside

    Good Morning, first of all thanks for this great product. Currently stomping one char after another out of the ground cause i play hardcore. Found my setup now and my char is ~90 in PHC. 0.59 run very smoth in every manner but since the 0.6 update everything went worse... I didnt changed anything on the environment which could cause these issues. 0.6 Version runs on maximum 2 hours before it crashes. Thats pretty annoying - except when i wanna do the maping overnights I attached my logs - i couldnt find anything there but maybe some versed user can. DUMP.log LASTRUN.log PATHFINDING.log TIMER.LOG
  4. nopaxx

    0.6 bot crashes

    no issues with crashes? how do you explain that 0.6 runs super unstable compared to 0.59 ? i didnt changed anything...
  5. a lvl 85 marauder , same spec is also on the account - normal league ( RIP)
  6. Hey, wanna sell a lvl 80 marauder on hc league. Arround 5.2k life, 30k tooltip DPS - a little bit currency. If you need further info pm me or add me. Alternatively i need a 60+ pHC char with a botable build on it. Regards
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