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  1. Natheedo

    Open Smuggler's Cache?

    Im talking about smuggler cache's on maps, the heist chests. You are saying they working? my bot never ever opened one. https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Smuggler's_Cache
  2. Natheedo

    Open Smuggler's Cache?

    Hey, is there a possibility the bot can open Smuggler's Caches on maps? The Option "open Chests" in the bot itself doesnt work either. So anyone know how to do that or isnt it possible?
  3. same problem here. bot wont enter map areas, and stuck outside.
  4. Natheedo

    Bug after update 05/12/19

    and no one cares :/
  5. Hey, my bot doesnt upgrade my white maps to magic. I marked all stash tabs in the Pickit Menu 1-5 and currencys in 1 - but still nothing my default maps config : maps.ipd And the second thing is, my Bot keeps spaming(!) these in the log:
  6. Natheedo

    Tropical God damn ISLAND bug

    Also with Beach, its buggy since months if not years. Honestly - I cant believe it will be fixed.
  7. Natheedo

    A collection of Bugs

    Hi there, the Bot works great, and i love him but there are still many problems/bugs, we have to handle with - the crazy thing is, what i have read here in forums, some got these bugs - some not. Well if its necessary, my system configuration is : I run the Bot on a VM with Windows 7 32 bit on a second monitor - its a fresh installed machine with nothing else on it excecpt PoE, Bot (without any user scripts or something), DirextX and Framework. anyway these are the problems, which i mean some of these should be have number-one priority so that we can use fully-afkable : 1. Before the "b" version of 0.11 the bot sometimes after he finish Docks ran to Maramoa for some small talks. Now with "b" version, he dont wanna talk to Maramoa anymore - but he still runs there and shows him now about 10 times how he can run from left to right next to him. After that the Bot pauses and does nothing anymore. No chicken nothing. Waited about 15 minutes. (this is happening about 2 from 10 times) 2. That problem with the chests, which i mentioned before in a other thread. Because sometimes if there are 5 barrels (as an example) on one spot. And the bot tries to open the rear one instead of the front one and cant reach it, he just do nothing and stuck. Also happens often in Docks, because there are many barrels there. A solution would be here, like i said - make this option more configurable. not just "chests" generally and he opens everything barrels, rocks and .... a underoption here would be great, so everyone can choose by himself, if he also want barrels or stones or whatever. (this us happening also 2 from 10 times in docks) 3. the problem when the bot cant choose if he walks right or left to just go around a object. often happens on buildings, stairways, corners or generally there where are multiple "floors" - like in docks or sarns. cant count anymore how often i had to pause the bot to move him manually. dont know how tricky this here is i am not a developer - but i think we need that fixed soon. 4. auras - my bot dont cast any aura, tried already every skill button - and yes i have marked "is aura". after the bot is on a map he walks about 10 meter, hits 1-2 times in the air (which was made for the gem leveling bug i know) - but after that nothing he just ignore to cast aura. no creeps here and nothing (sarns waypoint). like i said before - the crazy thing here is some has this bug, some not dont know why. the logs say : 2013-10-23 09:25:37 [info] -> Selecting area 2013-10-23 09:25:40 [info] -> Selecting area 2013-10-23 09:25:41 [info] -> Leveling Gems 2013-10-23 09:25:45 [info] -> Casting aura 2013-10-23 09:25:47 [info] -> Casting aura 2013-10-23 09:25:48 [info] -> Idling... but he dont casting them!4b. in docks i saw him sometimes casting this aura - IF (!) no creeps where near waypoint which almost never is. so, i think it would be great if the bot would cast first the auras, then walk this 10 meter and after that his airhits. so its guaranteed he dont run into mobs and forget after to cast his auras. 5. Bot crash - the second night this already happened with the new "b" version. before with older versions, the bot ran over and over 24/7 without crashes. all i know here is - if i went to sleep and shut down the monitor i can be sure 2 min later the bot crashes with the default windows prompt (stopped responding bla bla). 6. item loot - the bot doesnt loot everything and because of that i nearly miss to loot a unique siege axe .... but for my luck i was on the pc - means if his inventory is nearly full he ports straight back let the loot behind - in town he stashs all and after that he go into a new id - but why? is there not something like a "memory function" - and if there was more loot before on the map he goes through tp instead of a new id. this would be really nice. 7. stuck if there are many items on the ground - did not happening often, but i saw him already sometimes that he completly stuck if i kill as example a rogue plus blue pack or something more at one spot. if there then too much items on the ground the bot cant pickup anything - i just saw how the cursor is moving in slow motion over and over, over the items but nothing happens. normally he pick the items after few seconds, but if there many items on the gorund (i play with high quantity for more orbs) he doesnt take any of them - and chickens out at some point. 8. another stuck situation : it already happend to me over 5 times (which i saw). if i am fighting with many mobs at once (like in the forest) - if there a huge pack of this apes, and i bring them to explode with infernal blow and no one is left - after the fight the bot just stands there longer doing continually airhits until he chickens out after some time. Dont know how to better explain. hope my english is not too bad and understandable.
  8. Natheedo

    Can't manage to cast multiple auras

    I also have a problem with the Auras - i just one on T and he never casts it ! Also tried the other buttons but nothing happen. Dont know why.
  9. Hi there, i wish i would have a option to configure the Bot to open chests - and just chests not like now with barrels and these things. this would be really nice. because the bot sometimes stuck on that barrels in docks. besides they are not efficient.
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