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  1. kinda clear alkpone wont hire any devs to help him out, 1 man shows always fail to make the perfect product.
  2. RaZe

    Upgrading "UNID" maps

    crap solution though
  3. RaZe

    chaos recipe bug

    make a video of it, works fine here.
  4. Sounds like you need more wisdom scrolls. Not sure
  5. RaZe

    how to set up bloodrage/priority skills?

    ye i actually wrote this in the skill config guide... but since u fucking noobs cant READ i deleted the skill guide and the compendium... fucking noobs have fun
  6. RaZe

    [Guide] Skill configuration

    0 min 7 max range works fine with blade vortex for me.
  7. good old ghost in a bottle
  8. RaZe

    [Request] Tips how to transfer items?

    keep reading, there's not many options. use vpn etc etc... read more
  9. Sure read this : https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/5216-compendium/ Download Direct X End user Runetime June 2010 you find the link in the compendium. Or just disable ur firewall or tell ur firewall to stop blocking it.
  10. RaZe

    [Guide] Skill configuration

    You set it to a key with some cooldown and priority, max range works best if u use it with Rare mobs only. Up to you to configure it . ( this works great with flasks aswell)
  11. RaZe

    Lost my key because I format my PC

    Click your name on this website.. Then Client Area + Purchases
  12. its a stupid solution that was added regarding this that sucks big time into the bot... tp after 30 secs of spamming master / cadiro or whatever is what it is... anyway just a few days until cardio is gone.. still need to fucking fix this at masters, no improvement in years....
  13. ye asked for this for along time but due to pathing bot will always missclick afaik. not fixable... according to developer pretty much what alk told me since i reported this since masters was added to the game..
  14. RaZe

    [UpgradeMapTier] doesn't work.

    +1 works...
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