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  1. I put RF and traps at same max range (12 max range, very low else the bot will stares at the enemies from a distance) but he almost never use his fire trap. Also he never uses his curse spell with a cooldown. All skills have same priority, I don't use the "always recast buff" on righteous fire as I have neither blood rage or tempest shield and it makes the bot does nothing at times as if he was looking to cast those two spells. Any tips?
  2. Krabodux

    Cool down skills not working

    I know it's millisecond, doesn't work for me.
  3. Krabodux

    Cool down skills not working

    Are cooldowns on skills working for you? Personnally I'm forced to only use my main skill and supporting skills with actual cooldowns as the other one won't respect neither priority, range or cooldowns so the bot will sometimes spam a support/curse or whatever skill, not use main skill and die.
  4. Krabodux

    Open Smuggler's Cache?

    Works for me if I check chests in pick category
  5. I'd like to keep using the filter given in the bot but I don't see any way/option to turn off the chaos recipe and turning it off on the bot software directly does nothing, is there a solution to this?
  6. I checked the file with all the mods and nothing related to the +% of all minions skills gem appears
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