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  1. rickybobby1190

    Enable Ward loop not seeing Skeletons buff

    Yes, the buffs are always shown and i can see 6 skeletons being refreshed both on top of me and on the buff at the top corner of the screen.
  2. Has anyone else had an issue with Exile Bot not seeing the Skeleton buff? I checked Enable Wardloop and everything works almost perfectly. The bot opens all of the stash tabs, go into a map, uses all of my flasks and weapons swaps starting the loop. But it doesn't stop weapon swapping or using the flasks. Is there a talent point that changes the name of the skeleton buff? The build normally uses Anomalous Summon Skeletons and i thought that buff might be different, so i put on a normal summon skeletons gem and it still just sits at the start of a map weapon swapping and using flasks. I'm at the 27% breakpoint so i am casting summon skeletons 5 times a second. but even when i remove gems and only cast 1 time a second, it still continues to weapon swap. So i doubt this is the issue. Anyone have any ideas?
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