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  1. V4mpyr

    bug abyssal who can help

    EB support is using wrong terminology. @ OP, Rune is correct, in your main tab selection.. you'll have a few options to tick.. One of them in the top right is "activate breaches".. Unfortunately the bot's offsets are coded a breach is also an abyss and the bot cannot distinguish the difference between a BREACH STONE and an ABYSS... So you untick to avoid the bug. Regards, Vamp The program needs a rework there are lot of missing features and several known bugs such as it doesnt recognise "map tiers" in the pickit and sometimes it will grab items out the guild stash and sell them if they are not on the keep list of your pick it. Usually from tab1 of the guild stash in the middle right area. It also can no longer run certain maps where there are transitions.. I am using an updated ipd on july 3 and recommend you join the slack channel.. you'll get faster help than the forums unfortunately.
  2. V4mpyr

    5 exalted to help setup my aura and buff

    Lots of ways to set this up. There is an aura tab in combat routine and a buff tab with buff repeat frequency. You can also make a new key in your combat routine, assign it to your .. anything.. a flask for example. It's how we get unique flasks to pop for example. You can set up new key routines and have your buffs/auras on control side and your attacks on front. Regards, Vamp
  3. V4mpyr

    Auto Clicker Scipts

    Check the slack, maybe someone there can assist. Forums mostly dead. Regards, Vamp
  4. V4mpyr

    Client side Anti-Cheat

    Botted all last league 6hours a day on two accounts. No bans. That doesn't mean they cant flick on client side anti-cheat and ban you. Don't run long hours on your IP.. if you're botting 5 accounts 24hours a day 7 days a week.. it's going to flag you, they'll investigate and ban you out of existence.
  5. V4mpyr

    Need help with my bot stuck in stash and not moving

    Same issue as above, after the update. Guess we wait patiently
  6. Just noticed a new updated was released (0.82). I attempted to see if she was good to go for basic levelling, Currently it is mapping the dried lake just fine but when it goes to stash items it seems to be having an issue taking from inventory and putting in stash. It clicks on the red globe, cycles second skill bar and keeps that in loop. Is this is a known issue and will there be another update? I've noticed other programmers having a problem with file reading, don't know if this is connected. Particularly the Stashie creator. I've uploaded my lastrun.log and it looks like it cannot find the stash in game memory. Thanks for the quick replies, Vamp. lastrun.log
  7. I'm assuming you're using progression enabled. After act5 it no longer progresses, this is for several reasons that I wont discuss here. My suggestion would be going to dried lake, botting there till you are happy with your level.. then bot the blood aqueduct till 70ish.. then get rushed or level to maps. The initial leveling process should be done by hand. Btw.. getting stuck while doing the progression is common while you go do other things in life.. I've watched a GGG employee sitting at waypoint many times looking for these type of botters and unusual activity.. Something to keep in mind. Regards, Vamp
  8. V4mpyr

    Bots not working properly

    Hello Arron, So we can see what's going on, please upload the log.txt so we can see what the issue is. Then upload a screenshot of your settings, particularly the pickit section so we can all see what is selected. Depending on which update you're referring too.. almost always a couple days after launch an update will be released and will be remote fixed. If a game has only a few offsets updated, it's a relatively easy fix.. This league however has A LOT of changes.. This game injects into running memory and that presents it's own sort of problem. Regards, Vamp
  9. I have the same error as well. waiting patiently for an update.
  10. V4mpyr

    Legendary equipment problem

    I have my uniques working if you'd like to take a look.
  11. The problem is not just the build, it's the idle and when the bot gets hung up on stuff. It just stands there and gets beaten on and dies. My suggestion would be a build with high regen and perhaps minions.. so they can kill things regardless of your characters movements. Regards, Vamp
  12. I think the bot, when you hover over the combat phase it just says the one with the "highest" value wins. which isn't very descriptive or helpful to the OP. So wether it's 90 and 100, it wont make a difference just needs to be higher. afaik. I think if you treat it as a vaal skill might work okay with how you're trying to use it. Set a high prio and on a cooldown, every 4000 ms cast it.. should be enough time to walk over to a group cast it and spam your main skill in between time. Regards, Vamp.
  13. V4mpyr

    new update

    Still not working for me, Character just sits there and does nothing. Offsets broken?? Regards, Vamp EDIT: Character just walks up to the right over and over. Still broken for me.
  14. check your settings, that you have ticketed your pickit not the basic config.
  15. V4mpyr

    new update

    Still not working for me, Character just sits there and does nothing. Offsets broken?? Regards, Vamp
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