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  1. RangerRick

    3.11 Issues

    So I've been coming into a few different bugs this patch/league, and one that makes mapping pretty difficult, I think keeping track of these issues in one place so that new users won't keep asking in the slack what their issue is.. it's AN issue. I have 3 bots running on VMware virtual machines with completely fresh(multiple times) installs of the bot, separate VPNs. One I have running a blackout tool and the others two are normal, all are getting the same issues. 1. Maps - Mod Avoidance is broken in maps.ipd, so is the logic, almost completely. - Temp workaround: change the range in maps.ipd to t1 to t16, instead of 1 to 10, and die 6 times per reflect map. Or just farm a zone instead of maps. - - note, avoid phys reflect appears to avoid ele reflect (comment what you find below and I can update, help me find phys reflect lol) 2. Running State Priority: 1 - Often the bot will stop and do nothing indefinitely and this is the error I find in the last run log every time. So far it appears to be when he's cycling through stash tabs most often this line will then come in and repeat along with "Idling...". I notice this much less often when I'm running BA vs maps, and it almost always seems to happen when I run out of maps, instead of falling back to running BA/zones. - I did not notice this error a single time while farming zones in acts 2-8, and almost never during zones in general, but almost always mapping. If I stop the bot and start it again the problem persisted once at least, so I restarted my client and bot and I believe it fixed it. Out of time for now, I'll try to keep updating.
  2. I'm still having this issue, it just occurred when one of my bots ran out of maps. I tried restarting multiple times, nothing seemed to help, I just set him to run BA for awhile and find more. also I've uncommented the phys reflect modifiers in the maps.ipd but he still runs them, it's racking up my deaths/hour and slowing down the farming.. The log is the same, running state priority 1, idling.. WHY lol
  3. I've done a complete reinstall of the bot from default with the new version 0.82b and I've also redone my maps.ipd file off the default by only changing tier to be 1-16 instead of 1-10, and un-commenting what i want to avoid.. and it seems to be working properly now. Will update if anything changes.
  4. Turned off maps and it went all night, going to do some testing today, with another account as well hopefully, gotta bust out some quests.
  5. I have maps in my configured maps tab, it will run a few usually, or even 30 last time before this run, only 2 this time.. they are all white maps, I've changed the maps.ipd to run tier 1 to 16 as it seemed to ignore some of the white maps otherwise. Last league when I'd run out of maps the bot would switch to my configured zone and keep farming.. which may even still work sometimes, I'm just getting started this league.
  6. Anyone have any ideas? I've been having this happen what seems randomly.. 30 maps, 2 maps, I only had it happen once I started maps, which I had to change to 1->16 to get working. I'm changing some stuff to see if I can get it resolved, will report back. 2020-06-23 23:43:55 [info] -> Running state priority: 1 2020-06-23 23:43:55 [info] -> Idling... lastrun.log
  7. RangerRick

    This Is a Project

    @GreyMane You've spoken to or heard from the programmers that they're working on it? If that's the case why not a quick post saying "we're working on it"? I'm all for giving credit where it's due, in terms of functionality it's clearly appreciated when the bot is working and the programmer(s)/developer(s) (no idea if it's a team or one person) are awesome, but in terms of support and communication there's little to none and it's kind of frustrating to say the least, especially when you're trying to help make it better in your own time how you can. All said this thing has been awesome and has helped me enjoy the game even in the limited time I have to play, so I hope it continues to get updates and development as time goes on. I've tried to chip in for that effort via many lifetime license donations 😁
  8. RangerRick

    Legendary equipment problem

    I used your instructions regarding unique items but it doesn't appear to work. I responded in the Pickit thread.
  9. RangerRick

    Premium stash tab

    I believe this is incorrect, the bot cannot recognize premium tab names but it will use normal premium tabs and the currency tab from my experience, I have my primary tab for currency as a premium currency tab and it appears to be working fine.. I just got it set up today though so we'll see. You need to refer to stash tabs as 1,2,3,4 etc, not by the names on the tabs, it's just by the order.
  10. RangerRick

    Legendary equipment problem

    I've been struggling all league to get uniques working myself, I've used the syntax support gave me as well, but after thousands of maps not a single unique.. check out the Pickit Thread, I just left likely my last version for this league.. unless someone gets uniques working lol. https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/7679-the-pickit-thread/page/11
  11. RangerRick

    anyone use the bot with zombie summoner?

    Did you try just calling them a golem? I'm curious if that would work, because adding zombies during leveling would probably help a lot.. I'll see if I can make it work next league.
  12. RangerRick

    anyone use the bot with zombie summoner?

    I just realized there isn't a zombie option under minion type.. if that's not working have you tried choosing a golem or skitterbots? https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/11439-minion-type-zombie-or-skeleton/?tab=comments#comment-53524 Actually from this post it doesn't sound like they're really supported, but you could make it work like a normal skill, add max distance and like a 5-10sec cooldown with a pri just lower than your main skill.
  13. RangerRick

    anyone use the bot with zombie summoner?

    Don't download if you're helpless*
  14. RangerRick

    How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition

    @Malphual There are many things that would be helpful.. but I think they're only shooting for a certain level of helpful, if the bot was too good everyone would use it right? You can almost make any skill work.. you just have to set it up right, the only setup is on the combat tab so you don't have too much configuration to mess with, honestly it's pretty straightforward. I have a summoner using both bars, total of 8 skills, so it's possible just takes trial and error @SupZerg You asked him why he thought it's outdated and then said it hasn't been changed in a few years, I think you answered your question but the only thing really needing attention I'd say is the maps file working properly, a better looting system for uniques/items, the config you gave me doesn't seem to work(zero uniques from 3 bots in a month..pickit thread for info) and the progression is broken. I personally don't NEED these things, but they would be nice and a welcomed update by everyone I'm sure.
  15. RangerRick

    anyone use the bot with zombie summoner?

    @iffysam all you included was a pic of your left click config.. @jewish44 find/follow some instructions.. this is basic level stuff guys, you're gonna have a bad time if you can't get this.
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