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  1. Vajonah

    Trading Bot?

    @Wookiethe one a lot of people is TRADE BOT. but it has a hefty price
  2. Vajonah

    Setting Flask/Pots Help

    Hi! there is an option in the bot to "just run autoflask" meaning you will manually use the character but it will trigger the pots as determined automatically thanks!
  3. @yappin idk if you are still looking/playing but I have had great success with a simple EQ Jugg. They are super tanky and hit hard so you can do low-mid tier maps easy without dying
  4. Vajonah

    Client side Anti-Cheat

    yeah I botted no stop in Blight leage (my first leage) then like got 5 bans in the first week of Metamorph, then no bans in delerium. It is random but CAN happen at any time. I do run a VPN, limited user, and VMware - idk if that helps or not haha
  5. Vajonah

    Best settings for progression acts?

    Hi! Also there have been rumors that "progression" is more detectable by GGG. Before this I was using it and letting it do act 1-4. then from 5-10 I would just make it clear quest maps and babysit it when I needed to interact with something. A few acts are annoying but its not bad
  6. Vajonah

    Poe Service & Currency

    still selling?
  7. Check your virus scanners. That did it to me. Make sure the files/folders are "allowed" or an "exception" and you should be fine
  8. Vajonah

    Is Oni-Goroshi Farming Working?

    yeah this would be sweet if we could get it to work
  9. Vajonah

    Pickup Sulfite

  10. Vajonah

    Alkpone are you alive?

    @Dequality @Bobert85and @SupZerg I would love to know some settings as well. I am running a 75 res Flicker myself and can do like tier 8-10 maps easily manually but tier 2-7 are pretty hit or miss with the bot. It seems to stand a bit more than channelling Flicker as much as needed. I have ended up just running Bloody Aqueducts while I am at work for Mats, Tabulas, and chaos receipe items
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