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  1. any idea how to fix that? 2019-07-26 13:44:03 [info] -> Tier of map "ncy/CurrencyIncubationScarabs" not found!!
  2. Dear Exiled bot forum members im looking for someone to help me understanding the bot well and configure it as professional with pickit and map configration and going throw bot options to get best idea about how to setup it 100% and what way he use to not get banned and also im looking for good pickit and map setup to buy note ( i understand many things on it and im currently runing it without any problem just i want small help to let me understand more things on it) please PM Me or Just reply here waiting for experienced people regards
  3. alkthery

    Full Ban Accs

    RIP Same here 2nd account .... banned
  4. hi guys im trying to use Pickit …. and its same picking shit items make inventory full … and go back to city … I really need help on that issue ... anyone have good pickit ? to share or to sell ? for anyone who help ill pay for that help and letting me understand it well … skype bdwemarkh regards
  5. alkthery

    is Bot working now ? with anyone ?

    guys my bot not working these 2 days ... anyone bot working with him? or all same me ? thanks regards
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