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  1. I have been using this one - from jps42 since i got Bot running in last 3 days (when it started). Looks like file bit Old or and not upgraded, picking much trash (many cards that worth less than 1 chaos), many weird rares with no valor. Any other one you guys would sugest? Tryed to edit a bit from my self, but had no sucess. Thank you- jpick_forcesell (1).ipd
  2. Hello my guys, trying to set up the Bot since yesterday, it is running but i have few troubles here, already tryed to fix it by myself but still not running yet. 1 - Bot not picking ANY Maps 2 - To much WHITE/6 Sock < not linked, if he be able to sell it would be realyl nice, if not would be better to not pick up, since there space limit and many 6os drop. 3 - would like to set up it to grab some Rares > Id > sell for alteration (is this possible)? 4 - Picking MANY MANY Unique/Legendary that has no valor Map and Pickit default in attchment, any hints how to fix? I have been trying to modify it unsucesfull default.ipd default.ipd
  3. Dimirso

    Newb here, bot programming, help!

    just this, trying to found out here problem and cant find any topic that helps
  4. Dimirso

    Key not working, just starting!

    Used to bot on D2 and D3 came to POE. Just PAYED/DONATED and saying key not working as attach. rEALLY? does this forum still working? If not, thanks god i didnt got 10 keys as wanted, only testing 1 month 1st, rofl
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