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  1. unknowbllur

    DirectX 9 no longer being supported as of Synthesis

    a new version supported by dx11 its currently on development, isnt over =D
  2. unknowbllur

    eBOTchecker v.0.2a [test release]

    interested, do you have discord or skype? and the current value its for lifetime or monthly? isnt clear for me..
  3. unknowbllur

    Turn Off/On the bot

    F12 pauses/play, F11 reload general settings, if you're using dxtory, you have to unset the default keybinds
  4. unknowbllur

    The forums

    i'm looking for this for a while and havent found yet ;-; you can easy found the slack link on the forum though
  5. wait untill next bot update, offsets is probably outdated..
  6. unknowbllur

    Bot looks to hang up

    maybe you're having the same problem as i have, take a look on my topic
  7. so it happened a few times to me, but i though it was normal, but it happened again when i was watching it, so its definetely a bug.. basicaly, IF the bot does not have any map to run in the stash/inventory, the bot its supposed to run some map that i chose in the config, BUT, when this happens, the bot only runs the map ONCE , and then start to idling WITH NO REASON on the Status tab, bot says the time it'll wait until idle, but the bot is idling already, i was using default.ipd, and latest bot version atm(0.76j) lastrun.log is attached just for test, i disabled the map .IPD, and it runned totaly ok, i tested with maps in the stash, and runned ok, the trigger is somewhere when bot is out of maps or something around lastrun.log
  8. unknowbllur

    Is this bot being updated or what?

    yeah, slowly updates but yeah
  9. unknowbllur

    New to this

    the progression feature is still experimental(beta), so it have tons of issues to be fixed, so i recommend you to level by hand your character till finish act 10
  10. unknowbllur

    New to this botting website

    you can use it in any realm, doesnt matter
  11. unknowbllur

    automatic progression bug

    yeah i know and thats what i'm doing so far, but i'm reporting issues with hope that someday it get fixed xd
  12. unknowbllur

    Please help me, I can't find the Exiled bot download link

    heres a list of bot versions to download, make sure to download the newest one, which is 0.76j atm LINK: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/forum/1-exiled-bot-teams-releases/
  13. unknowbllur

    automatic progression bug

    happened again right after ive got the sewers key, but maybe it happens ar any random time, but i'm sure theres some trigger, unfortunately i dont have the lastrun log
  14. unknowbllur

    New here! Hello!

  15. unknowbllur

    Opening Closing World/Quest Window

    same happens to me sometimes, i have to reset the bot to it work again, like stop/start, or move to a new location, or to the quest location but this only happens if i'm using the progression feature, atleast so far..
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