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  1. right on jaboo! whats actually doing the dmg is it dot or aura?
  2. Hello im about to setup a few bots and was wondering if anyone knew of a hands free build like... Diablo 3's Witch Doctor Locust Swarm. as the video explains dot locust swarm auto casts around him then jumps on kill to another guy. You spend most of the time staying near by looting or casting debuffs/buffs. Has anyone got anything in mind for current Season of POE?! Any ideas?! Cheers Ms Sammy
  3. i just hit map farming range i have a lot of maps how can i ge the bot to say just do all tier 1/2/3 maps?
  4. mine does this also....thought it was a setings thing good to hear someone else has this problem (new ranger)
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