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  1. Has autofollow been added yet? For example. I want to play my main character while the bots auto follow me and use their skills to kill enemies and auto pot as well. Also auto grabbing xxx loot like any normal bot would. Basically want the ability to have a party. Much like the old redvex diablo 2 bots where you could have an alt follow you around and had a text file where you setup the skills they use and when to use them etc.. Could also set follow distance with that text files as well So once main character moves to a certain distance away the bots would auto click to follow closer. Also having a range to attack enemies once within that distance. I'm willing to bet most of that code from redvex could be applied for this bot if the dev's are willing to add that into the bot.
  2. Spool what's the status... has there been a auto follow function added? Similar to the old redvex diablo 2 plugins that all your alts would follow the main human player and also have a text file to edit which skills and when to use said skills as well as auto pot
  3. Hello, This is for the devs... I'd like to buy the bot but have a few requirements prior to purchase... Need the bot to have the auto follow function is the biggest requirement. for aura bot purposes if this feature isn't part of the bot already well it should be part of any mmorpg bot and more than worth your time to program into the bot even if it means making a whole new bot.... secondly along side the auto follow function can the bot cast spells drink pots and all things a bot should be able to do while following the " leader " ? more of a question but if not it becomes a need to have prior to purchase. Hopefully the devs can get back to me on this. the auto follow function is a requirement for me. id be willing to purchase multiple copies of the life time x5 to form a full group of auto follow bots for a full 6 man party.. please let me know when you can, thanks !! I'm sure there has been and is many people who'd buy multiple lifetime subs for the bot if you would accomplish this if you haven't already
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