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  1. Looking for Poe Account min 6 months old and min 1x lvl 65+ no botting for at least 6 months. 10$
  2. Looking for Poe Account min 6 months old and min 1x lvl 65+ no botting for at least 6 months. 10$
  3. chefkoch

    Bot goes back to the same area when not directed

    Always resurrect in town Always reset instance
  4. chefkoch

    Scour magic map option

    you can reroll the magic maps and the bot can do it too, just look in the maps file
  5. chefkoch

    use war cry as potion

    I think we´ll have to wait until hp/mana trigger for skills get implemented, but they are currently working on progression so i think this could take a while.
  6. chefkoch

    use war cry as potion

    Do you have a full flask in that slot?
  7. Currency/Cards = IIQ Magic/Rare/unique Items= IIR
  8. chefkoch

    another very bad bug

    Put Safe Range in the Combat settings to 20 or 10 if you like and Attack Range to 40 or 30. Then it will be like you want it to be. I play with 25 Safe Range and 50 Attack Range, you can try that one too.
  9. chefkoch

    another very bad bug

    If you are not farming maps or areas which drop a shit ton of loot you can switch off "use alt to loot" and press Z to show the loot all the time, maybe it´ll help. But i had that feeling too that it might not pick up every currency so i searched one map after it completed it for currency and found nothing.. It usually walks back after killing all the mobs to pick it up. picking currency > killing mobs will result in lots of death and even lower currency in your inventory. But maybe there´s a way to change the range where the bot attacks instead of looting (like in the kite mode "safe range" settings)
  10. chefkoch

    begging for 2 ez fixes (i hope ez)

    The Second Issue is a config problem. You messed up somewhere, this isn´t normal. You don´t want these orbs to be picked up? Go to the "pickit" menue and under "ignored currencies" select the currencies to be ignored. The First one happens mostly during leveling/questing, in the maps later on it is very rare to happen. But you can lower down the loop detection settings somewhere in the config files.
  11. Specific Kite mode settings for Boss Arenas would be awesome. I usually play with kite range 15 but on the bosses 30 would be better (especially on high tier maps) because otherwise i might die. Is there a way to add other settings to the kite mode in Boss Arenas or for unique mobs?
  12. chefkoch

    How to stop farm rares with pickit

    I would add the rares on the bottom again if i were you. Those can be highly valuable items. Just delete or comment the DPS 10000 stuff and read the stuff which is written in the pickit file!
  13. chefkoch

    Does the bot not work on steam?

    It works on Steam, there´s even a setting for it in "Main"
  14. Hi, I have a problem with kite mode I have the following setiings kite mode range 30 kite delay 350 attack range 50 safe range 40 The bot is constantly walking into crowds of monsters instead of walking away from them. How can i solve this? I have crit freeze pulse totem
  15. chefkoch

    [Guide] Skill configuration

    I use similar settings for freeze pulse 30 1000 50 40 And have set the totem delay to 1000ms as well. Works pretty well. Try it and tell me what you think of it.
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