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  1. I'd recommend changing the background on your text. That is hard as fuck to read and I gave up on it.
  2. zelda420

    How Many Bots Can i Run On Virtual Machines?

    I would highly recommend finding a vpn that allows you to use on 4-8 different machines and running each vm from a different vpn connection. You could also technically run 1 on your main desktop but would lose control of your mouse. Also I've read there's a windows light version without all the extra crappy that runs better/faster on virtual machines. This should allow you to run more bots then using full windows 10
  3. Does this bot require .net framework too? It's been so long since I've had to download the required files I can't remember. There are numerous applications under program files (x86) that you can run and then attach the bot to.
  4. zelda420

    Exiled bot not opening

    Yoy most likely don't have the appropriate runtime and framework installed
  5. zelda420

    keep Selecting character & Running state priority: 31

    Could be the process you are attaching to. I've heard of numerous people having issues while attaching to skype. Try a few different programs to attach to and see if any work better then the other.
  6. zelda420

    Aura manager?

    No there isnt. The only way to do this in game is to turn on an aura and to flip through to the next and turn it on, etc etc, takes a long time to even do this manually
  7. zelda420

    How far does progression go now?

    Thanks for the tip, in a4 merc now. bot works great.
  8. zelda420

    Channeling Skills

    Maintained pressed key works for blade flurry it just does not release at 6 stacks which is where 90% of the blade flurry damage comes from. I understand that the bot currently has a maintain pressed key funxtion bit if we could customize within a rangel in milliseconds to release key press it would add a lot more damage to blade flurry. And the reason I am saying range and not a flat value is that we don't want 90000 people all the sudden holding blade flurry for the same exact amount of time as well as 1 person always holding down blade flurry for an exact time.
  9. zelda420

    Bot stop working after x times

    Try a fresh install, I'm not mapping yet so haven't encountered this issue as of yet.
  10. zelda420

    keep Selecting character & Running state priority: 31

    Are you maybe using 64 bit client instead of 32 bit?
  11. zelda420

    How far does progression go now?

    HI everyone, took a few months off poe, back now and wondering how far progression is. It appears act 1 and 2 still work great, stopped in act 3 crematorium, which is where I'm guessing the progression ends. I'm almost to act 4 merc but was just wondering. Thanks for your great work on this bot, still working amazing for me.
  12. zelda420


    Lol. I know man reading is hard, you should buy the bot so I can ignore you asking questions that have been answered hundreds of times, and are even stickied.
  13. zelda420

    Giving up on exiled bot

    Dx9 is the 32 bit client, the bot doesn't work on 64 bit unless they've changed things while I've been gone
  14. zelda420

    Giving up on exiled bot

    All this is errors on your end. I ran the bo flawlessly for months, as well as many oher people. Download a fresh version and configure from there.
  15. zelda420

    absent for 2 years~ hows the ban hammer now?

    If the botter was constantly giving items to the guild that is probably why they got banned. Ban hammer isn't to bad right now. I botted on my main all through breach 12 hours a day. Not banned. Not playing legacy league though either.
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