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  1. Way more info would be great ofc, but also more work and time. A 1-5 general difficulty number doesn't help much because it's largely build dependent. For instance a CI build would have nothing to fear from a chaos dmg boss, whereas other builds would. As it is now I wake up to see that my character died 2 or 3 times while I was asleep having absolutely zero idea what caused it, and no way to find out. That's frustrating. Why not give us some kind of trail...like knowing 4/5 deaths are on the same map, for a particular build? Maybe there's a better way to solve this, I don't know. I can't improve my survivability unless I know what's killing me though, and the bot doesn't record that information.
  2. Yes, I was in fact referring to the boss specifically, which can be predicted from the map. I just learned that Piety can kill my build if/when it gets stuck, which happens on occasion. (I happened to be watching it try to clear the end of a Malformation map) That's why Map ID and time of death would be useful. I do agree that knowing what mods killed the player would be very useful as well, but that would require a lot of work. I try to keep my feature requests simple and incremental.
  3. It's hard to tell when and how a particular build is dying. This is especially frustrating at high levels when an entire day of work might be lost due to a single death. If we could search lastrun.log for 'death' or 'died' and then look up and see how the player died, it would be very useful. The more information the better, but knowing which map the player died on to comment as [ignoreMap] == "true" would be especially useful. So, could the bot transcribe which map it is opening when it logs it to lastrun.org please? I know survivability is not a high priority for an item farming bot, but I'm sure there are others who would love to see this feature added. We already ignore known 'bad maps', why not give us the power to determine which maps are bad for our particular build?
  4. Zionic

    v0.56l Bot won't move after summoning Golem

    Is this a known problem, or am I providing insufficient information?
  5. Zionic

    v0.56l Not Identifying Maps before Running Them

    Added the line to my custom pickit. Thanks!
  6. Zionic

    v0.56l Bot won't move after summoning Golem

    ^ This behavior is consistent in any map or zone. Even if attacked the bot will not defend itself or move or take any action after summoning the Golem. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ^ End of file. After the 2nd aura is Cast, the Ice Golem is then successfully summoned, but the log does not record this event. The bot then just sits there...
  8. The bot is still stashing UNID maps, ignoring the mods filter (because it can't see the mods on a UNID map), and running them (which kills my build more often than not). Please prioritize this fix.
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