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  1. fix poit Map Device 5 slot coordinates.ini
  2. orenavava

    Picket by lootfilter

  3. fix poit Map Device 5 slot coordinates.ini
  4. ; Bot coordinates file [login] ; X coordinate of the login button (800x600 coordinates by default) login_button_x=567 ; Y coordinate of the login button (800x600 coordinates by default) login_button_y=391 ; X coordinate of the first character in character selection screen (800x600 coordinates by default) first_character_x=628 ; Y coordinate of the first character in character selection screen (800x600 coordinates by default) first_character_y=80 ; distance between each character in character selection screen (800x600 coordinates by default) character_selection_offset_y=45 [menu] ; Offsets used for any click on menu or UI menu_offset_x=0 menu_offset_y=0 exit_to_login_button_x=400 exit_to_login_button_y=240 resurrect_button_x=400 resurrect_in_town_button_y=152 resurrect_in_area_button_y=175 ; NPC Sell talk sentence npc_sell_button_x=400 npc_sell_button_y_nessa=171 npc_sell_button_y_greust=173 npc_sell_button_y_clarissa=137 npc_sell_button_y_custom= ; NPC Sell accept button npc_sell_accept_button_x=75 npc_sell_accept_button_y=455 [mouse] ; Offsets used when clicking on monsters mouse_monster_offset_x=0 mouse_monster_offset_y=0 ; Offsets used when clicking on items mouse_item_offset_x=20 mouse_item_offset_y=9 ; Offsets used when clicking on waypoint portal waypoint_portal_offset_x=0 waypoint_portal_offset_y=0 [stashing] inventory_icon_x=157 inventory_icon_y=535 player_inventory_top_x=452 player_inventory_top_y=340 player_stash_inventory_top_x=25 player_stash_inventory_top_y=90 player_inventory_offset_x=29 player_inventory_offset_y=29 quad_tab_inventory_offset_x=14.5 quad_tab_inventory_offset_y=14.5 [map] ; Map Device map_device_inventory_x=218 map_device_inventory_y=279 map_device_open_button_x=160 map_device_open_button_y=368 map_device_offset_x=17 map_device_offset_y=17 [instance_selection] ; first button when creating new instance first_instance_x=130 first_instance_y=185 first_instance__garena_th_y=195 ; offset to jump to the next button on instance selection screen next_instance_offset_x=0 next_instance_offset_y=52 [area_selection] part_first_tab3_x=122 part_first_tab3_y=65 part_second_tab3_x=187 part_second_tab3_y=65 part_third_tab3_x=247 part_third_tab3_y=65 part_first_tab2_x=155 part_first_tab2_y=65 part_second_tab2_x=215 part_second_tab2_y=65 part_first_tab1_x=185 part_first_tab1_y=65 act_first_tab5_x=100 act_first_tab5_y=85 act_second_tab5_x=140 act_second_tab5_y=85 act_third_tab5_x=183 act_third_tab5_y=85 act_fourth_tab5_x=225 act_fourth_tab5_y=85 act_fifth_tab5_x=265 act_fifth_tab5_y=85 act_first_tab4_x=125 act_first_tab4_y=85 act_second_tab4_x=165 act_second_tab4_y=85 act_third_tab4_x=205 act_third_tab4_y=85 act_fourth_tab4_x=245 act_fourth_tab4_y=85 act_first_tab3_x=145 act_first_tab3_y=85 act_second_tab3_x=185 act_second_tab3_y=85 act_third_tab3_x=230 act_third_tab3_y=85 act_first_tab2_x=167 act_first_tab2_y=85 act_second_tab2_x=205 act_second_tab2_y=85 act_first_tab1_x=185 act_first_tab1_y=85 hideout_x=336 hideout_y=293 [act1] twilight_strand_x=107 twilight_strand_y=280 lioneyes_watch_x=113 lioneyes_watch_y=247 the_coast_x=121 the_coast_y=224 submerged_passage_x=154 submerged_passage_y=187 the_ledge_x=172 the_ledge_y=174 the_rocky_climb_x=136 the_rocky_climb_y=156 the_prison_x=129 the_prison_y=120 the_prisoners_gate_x=159 the_prisoners_gate_y=120 the_ship_graveyard_x=194 the_ship_graveyard_y=154 cavern_of_wrath_x=249 cavern_of_wrath_y=139 [act2] forest_encampment_x=213 forest_encampment_y=213 the_forest_x=229 the_forest_y=245 the_riverways_x=170 the_riverways_y=223 the_western_forest_x=96 the_western_forest_y=203 wetlands_x=148 wetlands_y=197 waterfall_cave_x=68 waterfall_cave_y=128 crossroads_x=245 crossroads_y=169 chamber_of_sins_x=217 chamber_of_sins_y=140 broken_bridge_x=262 broken_bridge_y=138 the_crypt_x=294 the_crypt_y=197 the_northern_forest_x=112 the_northern_forest_y=163 [act3] sarn_encampment_x=188 sarn_encampment_y=232 the_city_of_sarn_x=263 the_city_of_sarn_y=238 sewers_x=246 sewers_y=189 marketplace_x=236 marketplace_y=165 battlefront_x=194 battlefront_y=149 the_docks_x=162 the_docks_y=139 barracks_x=125 barracks_y=161 lunaris_temple_x=85 lunaris_temple_y=160 solaris_temple_level_1_x=225 solaris_temple_level_1_y=130 solaris_temple_level_1_x=205 solaris_temple_level_1_y=120 the_library_x=100 the_library_y=130 the_imperial_gardens_x=115 the_imperial_gardens_y=144 the_sceptre_of_god_x=123 the_sceptre_of_god_y=123 the_crematorium_x=285 the_crematorium_y=213 [act4] highgate_x=243 highgate_y=233 the_aqueduct_x=295 the_aqueduct_y=274 the_crystal_veins_x=192 the_crystal_veins_y=180 kaom_stronghold_x=90 kaom_stronghold_y=203 the_grand_arena_x=190 the_grand_arena_y=128 the_harvest_x=122 the_harvest_y=149 [act5] slave_pens_x=42 slave_pens_y=207 overseer_tower_x=77 overseer_tower_y=202 ruined_square_x=170 ruined_square_y=180 reliquary_x=139 reliquary_y=252 cathedral_rooftop_x=145 cathedral_rooftop_y=145 chamber_of_innocence_x=264 chamber_of_innocence_y=285 [act6] lioneyes_watch_x=90 lioneyes_watch_y=274 the_coast_x=90 the_coast_y=252 the_ridge_x=83 the_ridge_y=194 the_prison_x=95 the_prison_y=170 the_prisoners_gate_x=120 the_prisoners_gate_y=170 the_western_forest_x=120 the_western_forest_y=150 the_riverways_x=156 the_riverways_y=163 southern_forest_x=185 southern_forest_y=170 beacon_x=220 beacon_y=190 brine_king_reef_x=285 brine_king_reef_y=170 [act7] bridge_encampment_x=270 bridge_encampment_y=175 crossroads_x=235 crossroads_y=215 the_crypt_x=295 the_crypt_y=250 chamber_of_sins_x=203 chamber_of_sins_y=183 the_den_x=200 the_den_y=225 ashen_fields_x=200 ashen_fields_y=265 the_northern_forest_x=80 the_northern_forest_y=210 causeway_x=93 causeway_y=170 vaal_city_x=75 vaal_city_y=155 doryani_laboratory_x=70 doryani_laboratory_y=140 [act8] sarn_encampment_x=188 sarn_encampment_y=234 sarn_ramparts_x=272 sarn_ramparts_y=256 toxic_conduits_x=190 toxic_conduits_y=204 grain_gate_x=265 grain_gate_y=189 imperial_fields_x=308 imperial_fields_y=156 solaris_temple_x=220 solaris_temple_y=130 solaris_concourse_x=196 solaris_concourse_y=146 bath_house_x=124 bath_house_y=182 lunaris_concourse_x=128 lunaris_concourse_y=161 lunaris_temple_x=86 lunaris_temple_y=157 [act9] highgate_x=111 highgate_y=255 blood_aqueduct_x=152 blood_aqueduct_y=284 vastiri_desert_x=270 vastiri_desert_y=285 foothills_x=255 foothills_y=202 tunnel_x=199 tunnel_y=167 quarry_x=157 quarry_y=155 [act10] oriath_docks_x=115 oriath_docks_y=117 ravaged_square_x=169 ravaged_square_y=179 reliquary_x=139 reliquary_y=252 desecrated_chambers_x=263 desecrated_chambers_y=283 [act11] oriath_x=168 oriath_y=177 templar_laboratory_x=213 templar_laboratory_y=163 [metamorphosis] create_button_x=400 create_button_y=405 coordinates.ini
  5. There is no way to fix the program has not updated the function for a long time.
  6. จากเวปนี้เเละเคยซื้อผ่าน PayPal.
  7. โดนแจ้งหรือเปล่า ผมไม่เห็นโดนเลย
  8. // Archnemesis League Mods //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Toxic] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Gems (Monster has augmented Poison powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Chaosweaver] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Gems (Monster is imbued with Chaos Damage and Resistance) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Frostweaver] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Armor (Monster is imbued with Cold Damage and Resistance) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Permafrost] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Armor (Monster has augmented Freeze and Chill powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Hasted] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest (Monster is faster) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Deadeye] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Armor, Jewelry (Monster is Accurate and applies Marks) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Bombardier] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Weapons, Armor (Monster has augmented Projectile powers and periodically unleashes a barrage of mortars) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Flameweaver] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Weapons (Monster is imbued with Fire Damage and Resistance) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Incendiary] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Weapons (Monster has augmented Ignite powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Arcane Buffer] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Essence (Monster has augmented Energy Shield powers and releases a stunning nova when Energy Shield breaks) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Echoist] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Currency (Monster repeats skills additional times) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Stormweaver] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Jewelry (Monster is imbued with Lightning Damage and Resistance) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Dynamo] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Jewelry (Monster has augmented Shock powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Bonebreaker] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Weapons (Monster has augmented Shock powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Bloodletter] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Weapons, Jewelry (Monster has augmented Bleed powers. Monster Maims nearby enemies Items dropped from the Monster and its Minions are Corrupted) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Steel-infused] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Weapons (Monster is imbued with Physical Damage and Physical Damage Reduction) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Gargantuan] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Currency (Monster is massive, granting more Life, Area of Effect, and Damage) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Berserker] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Unique (Monster Enrages as it loses life) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Sentinel] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Armor, Armor (Monster is imbued with Block and Spell Block. Monster Triggers Reckoning when hit) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Juggernaut] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Harbringer (Monster cannot be Slowed or Stunned. Monster gains Endurance Charges) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Vampiric] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Fossils (Monster has augmented Life Leech powers) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Overcharged] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Jewelry,Jewelry (Monster grants Charges to itself and Allies over time) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Soul Conduit] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Maps (On death, Monster and nearby Allies are revived) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Opulent] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: No Icon (Monster is fabulously wealthy) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Malediction] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Div Cards (Monster has a weakening Aura) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Consecrator] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Fragments (Monster periodically creates Consecrated Ground, healing allies and making them immune to curses and ailments) //[Category] == "ArchnemesisMod" && [Frenzied] && [StashItem] == "true" // Reward Icon: Chest, Unique (Monster and allies periodically Enrage)
  9. I am also having the same issue
  10. orenavava


    Set up screen 800*600
  11. โดนแบนยับเลย 55
  12. orenavava

    Banned 1 heure

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