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  1. cynsible

    v0.56l Not Identifying Maps before Running Them

  2. as u can see under the mobsname the shield is called "proximity shield" i have a movement skill on highest priority with some cooldown. my char jump form time to time to enemys..
  3. yes.. after reboot it doesn't crash anymore.. so it was any other fail.. but the char change is still broken... at my last try's he login. press enter and at the loadscreen he try to click at coordinates of the 1. char.. maybe here is the problem EDIT: with the hotfix, with classic char selection, it seems to work
  4. i tested some different programms to inject to. all of them crashes while or short after "autoconfig change" if bot is loading another config and logout, he login to the same char instead of the choosen one. doesnt matter which config i use first.
  5. cynsible

    Stashing Rare Ring, Amulet, Belts

    for me it was not just uncomment but add # [stashItem] == "true" like: // For storing belts and jewelry for chaos orb recipe, Uncomment the 3 below and comment the 3 above to stash jewelry. Also, delete the jewelery from the accessories section. [Category] == "Belt" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [stashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Ring" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [stashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Amulet" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [stashItem] == "true"
  6. cynsible


    the choosen keys.. i mean the exact keys doesnt matter.. its just about the function but as i tried to explain.. first priority of this post are the "f10" and "f9" functions
  7. cynsible


    i would like to have some shortcuts: f10 for "stop/break after current map/run"...or after stashing - maybe with: f12 to continue f9 for "set current map/run as finished"... even if it is not clear also this one would be fine but i know thats hard to realize: f8 for toggle "accept groupe invites"... by chars specified at GUI or file.. to follow bot manually (help full after chicken or dc) f7 for toggle break in Hideout if latency is >300 for more than 60 sec maybe more suggestion by community? greetings
  8. cynsible

    Autoflask in passive mode

    i would like to have that feature on the bot too.. cuz i trust u much more +1 for autopot/chicken
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