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Breach Money Maker - Cheap and Easy

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Hey everyone.  My philosophy with the bot is, make it perform as cheaply as possible.  In Atlas league I got a Taste of Hate my first day in Merc Dried Lake, sold for 6ex in the first week of the league.  All told I lost count of how many Ex my bot made, and I did create a guide for it and posted it here.


For Breach I'm taking a different approach (due to some skill changes) and I'm expecting better results due to the addition of Magic Find.  Here's what I'm building and hopefully it can help some of you who are unsure of what to build for the bot to make you some money!


This is not intended to be an end game build.  The goal of this build is fast Dried Lake and Low-Mid Tier maps.


Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Raider

Style: Windripper MF


Bandits: Oak, Kill, Kill


Passive Tree:

Passive Tree


For the start, we will go through the Projectile Damage to Ballistic Mastery.  Then head south to Finesse and then to Herbalism.  Then head North to Acrobatics.  Go North to Blood Drinker, then work your way over to Coordination.  Skipping over Elemental nodes and the Frenzy node for now.  We will get these much later.  Goal early on is to get life and a little bit of damage nodes.  I'm skipping Revenge of the Hunted wheel for now.


Then head South for Graceful Assault, King of the Hill, Thick Skin.  Pick up the leach nodes if you think you need it at this point.  Fury Bolts and Bravery are next.  At this point, all we have left to do is fill in the rest of the Health and Damage nodes that we skipped over.



For gear, Windripper will be the only expensive item.


Armor: Greed's Embrace is an option but may make resists too difficult.  A rare or cheap unique will work

Helmet: Goldrim until you can afford a better Rare with more MF, life, and resists.

Gloves: Sadima's Touch

Boots: Goldwyrm

Belt: Perandus

Weapon: Windripper (a rare or cheap unique will work fine until you get it)

Quiver: Asphyxia's Wrath (a rare works fine to fill in resists and get more life)

Jewelry: Gold base


All the rest of your gear you will need to focus on Life and Resists.  Elemental damage is a plus but not necessary.


Skill Gems:


Tornado Shot - Weapon Elemental Damage - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Hypothermia - (5th link) Item Rarity - (6th link) Faster Attacks or Increased Critical Strikes



Hatred - Herald of Ice - Cast When Damage Taken (9) - Immortal Call



Cast When Damage Taken (9) - Ice Golem - Item Rarity - Culling Strike



Cast When Damage Taken (2) - Ice Nova - Item Rarity - Culling Strike



Cast When Damage Taken (2) - Ice Nova - Curse On Hit (max) - Assassins Mark (max)

Cast When Damage Taken (5) - Flame Dash/Lightning Warp 


These links need a little explaining.  First off, you NEED CWDT Flame Dash/Lightning Warp.  The bot gets stuck sometimes, and this will unstick you.  Helps keep the bot from dying to some sort of desync or something.  Getting a 4 and 2 on a chest or your weapon shouldn't be too hard.


We have a lot of CWDT skills set up for extra utility.  I've had issues in the past with the bot casting the Golem skills and this is an easy way to get it set up.  Plus we stack rarity and culling on a few things to squeeze as much MF as we can.  You will want to tweak the CWDT levels a bit once you get an idea on how often they are proccing.  I like about lvl 9 for my Golem, and you'll want low lvls for the curse and ice nova skills.  For the movement skill I suggest somewhere between 1-9, wherever you feel comfortable.  Higher is better here but don't go too high.



Specific Bot Settings:

I will be coming back to this in a few days and updating it as I figure out what needs tweaked.  Normal bow settings should work, and almost everything else is set up with CWDT.




The goal of this is to freeze enemies while stacking as much MF and Quantity as possible.  This should work just fine for the entry level end game content.

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Once I get up to level 60 or so I'll be setting that up.  With the leech we shouldn't need to kite very much as the damage should be decent enough for the content I'm trying to get to.

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So low dps, for Dried Lake only =(


You can buff the damage bit getting phys damage on rings and amulet -  I think this setup could run up to T5 ish?  


Im up to 55 now, I will let you know tonight how it works out in dried lake.

Edited by ceseration

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I'm planning on being able to run Tier 5, maybe 6's with this, but will stay in Dried Lake most of the time as I found I made more money there last league.


My work hours aren't helping my game time, and my bot is stuck just starting cruel, so may be a few days longer before I'm able to run around in Merciless.  Once i'm able to I'll edit the first post with what I'm able to do and what the shortcomings are (if any).  I'm really hopeful that this is one of those good on paper and in practice sort of things!

Edited by discostu

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I was struggling until I finally went back and picked up the free points and ran through Normal and Cruel lab... the difference is astounding!  Once you get Cruel Lab done and pick up  Avatar of the Slaughter, it's a huge difference maker in this build.  It's running great and currency is coming in fairly quickly now.  I still have a few more pieces to put together and start patching up my resist holes but this thing can run low tier maps easily.  Again, my whole point wasn't to run super high end content with this, but get a cheap MF bot set up that works.  

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Great money-maker, but not playable in terms of map and end-game content. It work fine if you need currency-generating character for the main char or just for money.

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