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[Guide] Beginners Guide to Botting and Making Currency

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So, you want to learn how to bot.  Let me bend your ear for a moment.


First and foremost, this bot is FANTASTIC, however, it is not perfect, and you can get banned while using this bot.  If you play on multiple accounts you can even get all of your accounts banned.  HOWEVER! Have faith, for I will help you get set up to minimize your risk to almost nothing.  There are many ways to set this up, this is just what I personally use.


Tools you will need:

-Email Account for your bot

-A key for the bot


-A Virtual Machine



Step 1:

Set up your Virtual Machine (VM).  There are free versions out there, and several guides on how to set one up, some even on this forum.

Install POE directly onto your VM

Install your VPN onto your VM.  


Step 2

Set up an account for your bot.  This is very important.  You should not bot on the same account as your main

Use an email different from your main account email (don't be [email protected] and have [email protected] as your bot!)


Step 3

Remember to always use the same IP address for your bot.  A good VPN (note: I suggest you stay far away from "Free" VPN services.  People have already likely been banned from every IP on those, so you're just running more risk to yourself!) will let you connect on start up with the same IP each time.  If you log in with a new IP each time, it will flag your account for suspicious activity.  This doesn't mean it will get banned for it, but it will get flagged and that is bad!


IMPORTANT!  NEVER EVER EVER log into your bot account and main account from the same IP Address!!!!!  This is how many people lose their main accounts if the bot gets banned.


Step 4

Set up your bot.  I will be posting a simple guide in the next post on this thread, with pictures on how to set up some basic parameters.

Typically you will want to find a build that is fairly cheap, and stupid easy to run.  By that, I mean not very complicated.  Builds that rely on a single attack and a few aura's are perfect.  Builds that require you to use one attack for one situation, and another attack for this, and a third attack for bosses, usually don't work very well.  The sample build I will be showing is a simple Blade Vortex build that uses 1 attack.  There are many other builds that work, but to me, the important part is CHEAP!  It's not worth it to me if I have to invest a ton of currency into a bot that might get banned anyways.


Step 5

How to transfer goodies:

There are a few different ways to do this.  Some people use a third account to act as a mule, where they will trade things to the mule, and then to the main account or to the bot account.  I'm not convinced this works all that well.  Instead, I will join a party with my bot, go into an open world location (dried lakes, ledge, etc) and then drop items I want to trade on the ground, and pick them up with the other account.  I know many people will sell everything they can and convert their items and currency to Chaos/Exalted Orbs, and then just trade those.


Step 6

How to make currency:

This may be a bit of a trade secret to some, but I'll give you some basic pointers.  Dried Lake Merciless!  This thing is a gold mine for currency drops, as well as being able to pick up all the things needed for the Chaos Recipe, which means even more currency.  My first day farming dried lake in Essence league I picked up a Taste of Hate that sold for 6ex!

Next up is running maps.  Depending on your gear, your build, and your level, some bots can do maps easy, some will have problems.  I have been running my bot in tier 2-5 maps and it still makes pretty good currency, 1/2 to 1 ex every 6 hours or so.


Step 7

DO NOT run your bot more than a few hours at a time.  Botting 24/7 is a quick way to lose your accounts!  I like to limit myself to 4-8 hours of botting in a day.

DO NOT start and stop your bot at the same time every day.  Suspicious log in stuff like this makes it easy to track and flag your account.



Some notes:


Some people like to bot on their main account, however use caution as this can be a very painful ban if you get caught!


The bot doesn't work super great for hardcore mode.  While it may be fairly common to emergency log out in hardcore, I'd be wary of the bot glitching out and just dying.


The bot can get stuck in town.  You really want to limit your time in a town.  Try to have the bot do everything in your hideout.  Get your bot set up with Zana and you're good to go.


New accounts that have been leveled super fast to end game have a higher chance of being banned than older, more seasoned accounts.  It is a good idea to have a few accounts set up and level them up past 30.  It will be super good in the long run!


Please remember, it's not IF you get banned, it's WHEN you get banned.  If you follow these rules and steps that I put up above, you should be ok.  However there is a risk here, we are breaking the rules.  I stopped following my own rules and got lazy, and had 3 bots going 8 hours a day each, all on the same IP as my main account, and I lost EVERYTHING.  $200 or so in micro transactions, my account that I had active since Alpha, etc.  Since then, I've been following these rules, been really careful, and I don't feel at risk.  Minimize the suspicious activity, and you should have a very long and fun botting experience!

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This is my set up for a simple Life Based, Blade Vortex build.  Included here are each tab of the bot.


You will want to set up the bot to be "linked" to a 32 bit program already running on your computer.  Typically I will launch WIndows Media Player, and then attach the bot to that.  This is an extra security measure that the botting team has worked out to help hide the existence of the bot from the game and it's anti cheat capabilities.




This is the first tab, fairly simple and self explanatory.  You can set up multiple profiles if you run multiple bots





1) Will auto level gems

2) Will use town portals when checked, will log out/in if not checked

3) This is useful if you are trying to use movement skills to move

4) Self explanatory

5) Will ignore corrupt areas if unchecked, will run corrupt areas if checked. (There is a current bug that can cause some issues with this)

6) Will ignore shrines if unchecked, or will activate them if checked (I suggest checking it)

7) Will ignore essences if unchecked.  I highly suggest checking this box!

8) Will turn on DND when the bot starts, so you will not get any whispers or notifications


Key to use on fail movement: It is generally best to link this to a movement skill, such as leap slam, whirling blades, etc.


The Chicken area: you can configure this so your bot will run away from certain monsters, or instantly log out when it gets in range.  Probably good for hardcore.





Character Position: ensure the character you want to use has the right position here.  If your character is in slot 2 when you pick characters, put 2, etc

Botting Settings: Here you will pick what areas you want to farm.

Always reset instance will reset if you go back into town

Use Waypoint states from progression - just leave this unchecked I'm not sure what it does but I've never had it selected


Timeout settings:

These will set up some values for if your bot ends up idling in a spot, or once you've explored enough of a map.  This is good as it can reduce the downtime of your bot.  I typically leave it at default, or drop it to 90 seconds on the Max Idle Time.  Running counts as Idle time.


Map Farming Settings:

Please look at another guide for the map config.ini set up

This will let you select different map profiles so you can have more than 1

You can enable your hideout (HIGHLY suggested) and choose the method of accessing it.  I always use waypoint but chat command is faster and less likely to get you caught on anything.

Set Map Cleared on no monster killed timeout will count the map as done if you haven't killed anything in your Max Idle Time allotment above.

Enable Map Upgrading - this is used to turn your maps into Blue/Yellow maps in conjunction with some settings in the map config.ini

The last 2 sections are fairly self explanatory, but it may be good to put a low number in the Map Monster Threshold, or you are at risk of idling out with just a few monsters left in a corner somewhere.  If the bot has explored the whole map it will not go looking for them.






Smart Pickit Settings:

Enable and select your pickit profile (see some other guides on how to set up).  I personally have mine modified with no rares, as I only care about chaos recipes.  Personal preference here, but I feel I make more currency/hour by not identifying all the rares and clogging my inventory.


Normal Pickit Settings:

Here is how I have mine set up, again focussing on chaos recipe items, and Chromes because you can never have enough.  It will pick up 6 socket items by default.  GCP's are very good so I have the bot pick up gems of 5% or greater quality.  Other specialty gems are identified in the pickit profile and will pick up 0% quality gems if you have them selected to pick up.


Ignored Currencies:

Fairly self explanatory, select what you don't want to pick up.  Early on you may want everything, but eventually you'll find you don't need some things and they will just clutter up your stash tabs.  If you select something here, the bot will NOT pick it up.


Pick Settings:

Use alt to loot (or not) this is determined in your game settings.

Open Chest: some people feel it's not worth the time, so this is personal preference

Open Strongbox: be careful, some strongboxes are very dangerous! especially if they freeze the bot.

Ignore Breakable Chests: similar to open chest, if you leave this unchecked your bot will break all the pots and boxes it finds.  Some say it's worth it, others say it's not.

Chaos recipe mode: How you like your Chaos.  I run lower tier maps so it is not worth identifying for me, 2 chaos please!

Key to use on fail chest opening: this is the key it will use if it can't pop a pot or box.



The check boxes are all fairly easy to understand.  The part on the right may be a bit more confusing.  In order for the bot to be able to use a tab, it must be listed in the Stash Tabs box!

If you mimic my settings the bot will put Essences, Gems, and Uniques in tab 1, maps in tab 2, chaos recipe items in tab 3, and all currency in tab 4.

NPC Settings: You can set up the bot to use specific NPC's and Y coordinates if the default just isn't working for you for some reason.





In this tab you can customize how your flasks work.  You can play around with the different settings and fill in the Recovery Time (how long the flask lasts) if you want.  It should work pretty well if you just leave everything default here.





All of these tabs are set up to use the life based Blade Vortex that my current bot uses.  I will do my best to explain this section so you can customize it as much as you need.




General settings you can set it up so your bot will kite (good for totem and bow builds) or not.




This is my main attack, Blade Vortex

Key: which key is used

Priority: higher numbers will be cast first, lower numbers will be cast last

Cooldown: If you have a cooldown associated with your skill (such as Earthquake) you can put it here

Max Distance: how far away something can be and have you still cast this

Min Distance: how close something can be and have you still cast this

Target Selection: Here you can specify a skill to attack Uniques only, Rares only, etc.  Could be good if you have an aoe for clearing and a single target for boss fights.  Set the boss fight skill to a higher number if you are going to do that.

Use Shift: good if you want your character to stay in one place, like SRS, Spark, etc

Target Corpses: self explanatory

Is Aura: select this if your skill is an aura or not.  The bot will cast it once and leave it up until it dies or relogs.

Always Recast Buff: This is for buffs like Blood Rage, so it will recast it if it ever runs out

Is Golem: Will cast whenever your golem dies


Min Power Charges Required:

Max Power Charges Required:

Min Endurance Charges Required:

Max Endurance Charges Required:    In this section you can get really specific with how to use your skills and how they relate to charges

Min Frenzy Charges Required:

Max Frenzy Charges Required:   


Maintain pressed key/mouse: This is for skills like Blade Vortex, Spark, SRS, where you can just hold down the button and have it continuously casting the skill

Min Monster required in range: this is customization for skills you only want to use for AOE clearing

Min Monster required range: the range monsters have to be in



Q: Ice Golem, Priority 1, Is Golem



This is my Whirling Blades.  Notice how the priority is higher than Blade Vortex.  And the Max Distance is higher, and the Min Distance is higher than what I have Blade Vortex set up at.  This way I will Whirling Blades into a pack of enemies, and then start using my Blade Vortex to rip them apart.  This is useful with fortify linked to a movement skill.


E: Grace, Priority 2, Is Aura

T: Warlords Mark, Priority 2, Is Aura




Progression Tab:

This tab is in beta, and may or may not work.  I leave it turned off and manually level and progress my bot characters.


Client Tab:

This tab has a lot of advanced settings that you can set up.  Useful if POE crashes, or if you want to set up random idle times, or even change from one character to another (and change profiles to go with it).  You can leave it default and have perfectly fine botting experience.



Congratulations, you have managed to set up your bot, and it should be running as smoothly as possible now.  Go out there and earn some Exalts!

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Here is the build!


This is a build that was created out of sheer laziness. Do you want a build that you don't have to toggle skills and have a ton of GG gear to run? Booyah, here you go. Now you can run the FOTM Blade Vortex like everyone else, with half the gear requirements!

Simply put, the build is based around using a few aura's, Blade Vortex, and stacking a ton of life. Yes, this is not a super optimized for max Tier 16 map running efficiency, but this, in my opinion, is a solid first or second league character, easy to farm currency in Dried Lake and low tier maps with easy ease.

You can build this with either the Ranger or the Shadow. The Ranger will be more consistent damage and a little tankier, while the Shadow will focus more on critical hits and use dodging and sacrifice some max life.




Easy to gear self found
Incredibly easy to play
Great first character



Wont be able to do highest tier content without expensive gear
May be difficult to change your spec to one of the more expensive end game Low Life Blade Vortex builds



Help Oak
Kill All/Help Oak (for physical dmg increase, preference here, either is good)
Kill All



Start with Spectral Throw and rush through Act 1. Normal takes no gear and is incredibly simple. You should start Act 2 on or about level 12, at which point you can equip Blade Vortex on any random dagger, or continue to level with Spectral Throw.
If this is your first character, just equipping any random pieces of gear that are slight upgrades will work just fine.

Skill Trees:


38 Skill Points:
This is fairly straight forward

71 Skill Points:
Here we go and grab Written In Blood, Force Shaper, and Doom Cast for some damage before getting Heart and Soul, Blast Radius, and Cruel Preparation
You can save 4 points and ignore Cruel Preparation (top of the tree) for a little less life and use those for utility, such as another Jewel Socket, a +30 Strength node, or if you'd prefer to pick up some +1 to Max Frenzy charges

Here is the Finished Tree (lvl 90) 
Push for Hired Killer, and the Scion Life Wheel and Path of the Warrior before going for Aura Nodes. Pick up Vaal Pact when you feel you have enough leech, high 60's to mid 70's you should be ok to pick this up.

Finished Tree for Shadow (lvl 92) 

If you decide to roll as a Shadow, the skill tree is identical at the start, however you will pick up the Physical and Chaos Damage nodes at the beginning of the Shadow Area. You will also not need to travel further south on the tree than Vaal Pact (don't pick this up early!) and instead will focus on Power Charges. This will result in higher damage, but lower life and evasion in the end. 



Veteran Bowyer (Normal Labyrinth) - increases damage output
Master Herbalist (Cruel Labyrinth) - adds poison for extra damage
Nature's Boon (Merciless Labyrinth) - damage reduction and more flask use
Master Alchemist (Uber Labyrinth) - status immunity and increased damage

Unstable Infusion (Normal Labyrinth) - power charge generation
Deadly Infusion (Cruel Labyrinth) - stronger critical attacks
Ambush (Merciless Labyrinth) - huge opening hits on enemies
Assassinate (Uber Labyrinth) - ends the fight even quicker

My initial thoughts are going down the Pathfinder tree, as end game flasks offer the ability to vastly increase your damage output and survivability. Raider is also a very viable path if you would like to gain frenzy charges at the cost of a little bit of life for more damage and evasion.
Rolling as a Shadow and following the Assassin tree for more critical strike damage is a very good option as well.

Skill Gems and Links:


Main Damage: (GBBBBR)
Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Increased Area of Effect - (5L) Added Fire Damage - (6L) Physical to Lightning
If you are leveling and having some difficulties, you can swap Added Fire Damage and Increased Area of Effect. This will let you deal more damage, albeit in a smaller area. Use Concentrated Area of Effect for bosses for extra short boss fights.

Defensive Setups:
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste (this is VERY optional. It will benefit from your Increased Duration gem, but is not a very cheap item!)
Cast When Damage Taken - Flame Dash (This will help unstuck the bot while it's casting BV)

Blasphemy - Warlords Mark
Grace (standard) or Arctic Armor (more tankiness) or Hatred (more damage)

It may be good to level these three defense gems and swap them out as needed. Or be lazy and run Hatred unless you take a lot of damage, then switch to Grace. Arctic Armor may be a good choice on some bosses if you feel like micromanaging.



Current Links:


Helm: 4

Fortify - Whirling Blades - Increased Critical - Faster attacks


Chest: 4 (Carcass Jack)

Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo - Added Fire Damage


Gloves: 4 (Facebreakers)

CWDT 3 - Flame Dash 7 - Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark  (the Blasphemy/Warlord's Mark combo will be leveled higher than CWDT)


Boots: 4

CWDT 4 - Immortal Call 3 - Enhance - Grace (enhance is just here because why not)


Shield: 0

Just don't need any here


Dagger: 0

Summon Lightning Golem

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I got a problem with your "login patterns"

I come back after work at 17:00 and go to sleep at 23:00, if I bot in that specific time, it will appear as a player who either comes back from work or school and plays a bit every day in his actual free time. So login in area o 17:30 to 18:40, log out 22:30 - 23:20, like a regular person,
Imagine logging times like, 02:00 , 16:00 , 06:00, 20:00. 13:00, 09:00, 23:00  in 3 days, that's a bit strange isn't it, doesn't appear a normal person.

in my opinion every bot should have a school time schedule, think about it, 1 week morning times, 1 week afternoon times, Saturday-Sunday all day. The least suspicious of login patterns and you can play 8 hours a day. This super random thing 1 day login in 2 in the morning the next day loging 13:00 is a bit off

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I meant more specifically people that have things set up on automatic timers so each day every day the bot logs in and logs out at the same time.  a normal schedule that's fine.

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Could you maybe list what kind of gear you are using? Like which uniques would you recommend etc.. thanks


Edit : Also your flask setup :P

Edited by Jimi

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hi , dont u guys face the char not able to cast the warlock mark buff due to the mouse cursor are point at the black colour mountain place.........? and it stuck there

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Sorry about the late replies!  For gear just get some EV gear and go for MF and life.  I ran a Carcass Jack on the bot last league, and I'm thinking of doing the same thing next league.


No idea what ilonely is saying, sorry!

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I'm very new to botting so can somebody explain to me if I am supposed to get this to Merciless Dried Lakes before botting? Or like do I train the bot to a certain level before I can let it run, or does the bot level up by itself?

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Bot does not level (act1-2 should work, 3-4 not), so best way is to level manually and put gear on. Get your ascendancies, get your hideout and zana, then bot maps.

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Note for newer versions of the bot : 


When using bv set "Amount of minion of this type" to 20 for this attack slot.


Else the bot only cast BV once and uses the default attack skill instead of casting blade vortex again.


Hope this helps ;)

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