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restart script for bot and Path of exile

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Hello everyone, now that my bot works i want to have a script that restarts bot and path of exile every two hours.can someone pls tell me how this is done ?

i know i need AHK but what do i need to to? ive seen a script here but how do i get this to work?

Loop {
Process, Close, PathOfExile.exe ; close existing instances
Process, Close, ExiledBot.exe 
 sleep, 1000 * 5						
run C:\*\PathOfExile.exe  ; re-open
  sleep, 1000 * 50 ; delay for poe to load
run C:\*\ExiledBot.exe
WinWait, Exiled Bot (Elite)
WinActivate, Exiled Bot (Elite) ; Make sure were on exiled bot screen
  sleep, 500 ; small delay
Send {TAB 3}  ; Tabbing to start button
Send {Enter}
WinMinimize, Exiled Bot (Elite) 
  sleep, 3600000 * 2 ; Sleep until next restart (hours)

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unless you know a way to target the exilebot process remove this since the process name changes every time it launches, if anything really its as easy as doing something like this in a bat file


@echo off
echo Time to wait
timeout /t 3600 /nobreak
taskkill /im PathOfExile.exe
echo Restart Loop
goto start

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i have my computer to run a AHK script at computer start up so it double clicks on a Murgee auto clicking script.

that auto clicking script starts the bot by right clicking shortcut on desktop, then hits run etc,

after so long the auto clicker hits stop on the bot (i usually have it set to 2 hours)

after that it clicks on a AHK script on desktop to run a restart command on command prompt. then bam computer restarts and the cycle continues..


I go to work for 3-4 weeks at a time and it will be the running the entire time im at work unless the bot needs an update


i have no exp using AHK or writing any scripts so if i can do it u can do it lol

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You do this because the profile/ account switching stuff in the bot is broken?  Or just helps it recover from errors?

Is there a delay in there?  Else why restart the computer like this...

Don't you have to sort through bags at some point too?  It can make it for 2 weeks wow...

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