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[Release] Beta version v0.71f

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Bot version 0.71f has been released.

Download file attached to this post.

Don't forget to reconfigure everything from default files, copy paste of configuration files won't work!!

Improvements since 0.71e :

  • Now if smart pickit is enable, currencies need to be setup as rules to be taken. BE CAREFUL TO ADD THEM IF YOU ARE REUSING CUSTOM PICKIT (just copy paste them from new default pickit).
  • Added quad andd currency stash tabs handling. Be careful bot doesn't detect if currency stash tabs is full and will attempt to store every currency items in it (this will be improved in upcoming releases).
  • Fixed bot stucked trying to take currency if inventory is full.
  • Updated default pickit.
  • Added a pickit file that takes all unique and cards by default.
  • Fixed a crash that happened randomly after loading area (appeared in 0.71d).


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