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the OK button hang (random dcing from game to login screen)

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So time to time im getting dc from game because of bad proxy connection or my ISP lags and after that bot hang for goods coz simply cant close that menu and login back.

dynastyo said that its better to make a coords with that button wich i did (on screen cursor pointed just over OK)

im sure its not only me who have same issues, If u have same bump the thread


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whats is in your lastrun.log when the error happens

its have nothing to do with lastrun. Simply dced coz of lag and cant handle that popup. 

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not only this but also tons of error messages which mostly caused by poor internet connection can be solved pretty easily with a simple click on the OK button in the login screen.

I've been getting a lot of:

Operation Timed Out

authentication invalid



it'd be excellent to have this feature implemented. 

Please Alk, make it happen for a better botter's life :)

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