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i would like to have some shortcuts:

f10 for "stop/break after current map/run"...or after stashing - maybe with: f12 to continue

f9 for "set current map/run as finished"... even if it is not clear


also this one would be fine but i know thats hard to realize:

f8 for toggle "accept groupe invites"... by chars specified at GUI or file.. to follow bot manually (help full after chicken or dc)

f7 for toggle break in Hideout if latency is >300 for more than 60 sec


maybe more suggestion by community?



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F8 - screenshot in PoE

F7 - inventory dump in EB

the choosen keys.. i mean the exact keys doesnt matter.. its just about the function but as i tried to explain.. first priority of this post are the "f10" and "f9" functions

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